5 techniques to having better sleep

5 techniques to having better sleep



Sometimes, a night of good night sleep is hard to come by. Knowing what to do helps you sleep better.


Sleeping well at night refreshes you

A night of good sleep has immense benefits for brain functioning and your mood during the day.


Try these few tricks to sleep better at night.



Having a warm bath at night has been shown to make adults fall asleep faster at night.

A study showed that bathing 90 minutes before bed made the participants of the study sleep faster. Simply putting your feet in water also helps you sleep faster.



Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate a person’s sleep cycle, a person secretes more melatonin when it is dark. Put off your light and put away your phone when you want to sleep.


Exercising during the day assures you of better sleep at night. It also reduces symptoms of insomnia and sleep apnea.


To sleep peacefully at night, you need to clear your mind of worry and be at peace. Stress and worry can sometimes prevent you from sleeping.

So, close your eyes, free yourself of worry, you can also practice breathing in and out. Check for where you feel stress in your body and practice releasing it, take a warm bath to enjoy your sleep.


To sleep better, you need to be in a relaxing ambience. If you have a good bed, you are likely to feel more relaxed and you won’t feel pain in your back, shoulder, and stiffness in your neck.

Also, clean out your bed and lay it properly to have a good sleep.



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