Ogunwusi, the second-in-command: The crocodile wants to commit suicide, he explains. - Topnews Tv Online Magazine
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Ogunwusi, the second-in-command: The crocodile wants to commit suicide, he explains.

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Ogunwusi, the second-in-command: The crocodile wants to commit suicide, he explains.









If many see His Majesty the King of Love, almost no one can claim Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Arole Oodua that this Obalaye once thought to take his own life.

Before he reached the age of puberty, Adeyeye was neither poor nor lazy, he was a well-known and hardworking businessman.

So when he spoke at the MUSON Center in Lagos, there were times when they were so overwhelmed that they decided it was more religious than death.

Ogunwusi, the second-in-command of Adimula Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, said he was so exhausted that he tried to commit suicide but had to turn around after listening to some music.

Love house

Ogunwusi’s love song is one of the mainstays of Eleduwa’s creation.


Ogunwusi made this clear while speaking at the opening of a music festival in Lagos.

What happened to Ogunwusi Adeyeye who wanted to kill himself?



In a statement, His Excellency Adeyeye Ogunwusi said he has been a major player in the world since he was a teenager and has been negotiating with him all the time and the economy is booming. is.

His Majesty Ogunwusi had an incident and everything seemed to be so close to him that he thought the only way out was to ask him to go to heaven because he had to die.

The other shopper explained that he had tried and committed suicide but that he had to look around after hearing some music.

“I borrowed N8 billion about a dozen years ago to build a skyscraper that I had to demolish myself when I built the tent to the tenth dog, all the money was lost.

This world has changed dramatically for me, the only solution I have found for myself is to take my own life after this.

But when I heard some music, I just had to change my mind and remember the old saying, “If there is hope, there is hope.”

Our artist further explains that since then he has been using music as a medium whenever he is going through challenges.

The importance of music during times of challenge as stated by Love House

The legend of Love Song, King Adeyeye Ogunwusi, the second market on the subject of music after graduation is that he as a person took music writing and listening as a solution to his whole focus.

He also promised that since then he has set his heart on investing in music and the arts so that he can empower young people and the rest of society to thrive.


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