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Tinubu’s presidential race 2023: This is why Afenifere will not support Tinubu’s leader in 2023

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Tinubu’s presidential race 2023: This is why Afenifere will not support Tinubu’s leader in 2023




“Tinubu and others vying for the presidency in 2023 will not be able to get the support of the charity unless …”

The leader of the Afenifere party in Yoruba, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, has said they will not support Tinubu in his bid to run for president in 2023.

Adebanjo in Tinubu will not be the only one who will not support him and all those who want to become president in 2023 unless the government reforms Nigeria.

He said that although Tinubu had the right to vote, and had expressed his views to President Buhari, he was adamant that the party was not ready to give up its support to any politician in 2023.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday, Adebanjo emphasized that the current legislation in Nigeria needed to be radically changed before the 2023 general election.

He says as soon as the country’s constitution is amended, they will announce who they will vote for at the polls.

He further added that one must have faith in something before participating in it, adding that one does not have confidence in the Nigerian military law.

Adebanjo is President Muhammadu Buhari himself who did not argue that Nigeria is using military law which must be changed if Nigeria is to prosper.

He acknowledged that the challenges facing the country did not go unnoticed by the legislature.

What does the Oodua Child Code say?

In the name of the Oodua Children’s Party, the group’s secretary, Mr. Marxwell Adeleye, was arrested by Tinubu, who was behind him.

According to the Afenifere groups, the Oodua Son process was similarly opposed by Tinubu because they had previously stated that they did not believe in the 1999 law.

“We have asked them to let us go to a conference so that people can choose whether they still want to be in Nigeria or not. “.

He said Tinubu himself opposed the 1999 law when he joined the opposition “so if Tinubu wants to run for president under the same 1999 law, it is up to him”.

The group, led by Professor Banji Akintoye, said that if they were all Yoruba, it would not be because Tinubu was not the only Yoruba who would run for president and all other Yoruba people. hold the presidential election, we tell them OYO they are here! “.

In the case of the Igbo tribes, he said he had nothing to do with the Oodua Child Welfare Party but all children if he wanted to carry a presidential box, he would not consider us at all.


Marxwell has Nigerians overseas, Nigeria has not allowed them to come back and “this is our ancestral land, our Arabs are commanding us here and now on everything we do and do, this mother that’s enough “.

“It is because of him that we have said that there will be no elections in Yoruba land, and we are doing our best to stop him even though we know they will want to stop us but his path will open for us.”

He said in accordance with the law, they were looking for a way to stop the electoral process in the Yoruba territories and they would use the local and international law to stop the whole electoral process in Yorubaland.

Another Yoruba landowner based in Ondo State, Seinde Arogbofa, said Yoruba people should think about their issues.

“We will not allow anyone to carry the ballot box but in the midst of this turmoil, where will it even take place?”

If you turn it off, you will be kicked. Is it in our land that they open the way for the “strangers” who come in and kill our people, they kill our children and they kill our people. Is that the place we want to vote for? “

The old man said that if there is no peace, they can say that they are being elected because of the people who do not even want to go out and vote because there is danger in Longẹe, Longẹ itself is dangerous.

The Forest Service has the right to say that they want to fight for the presidency, but if they can implement the issues raised at a conference in 2014, things will improve.

“One of the things we were told at the time was that the economy, unemployment, each state’s issue to keep the governors in control of the country, not everything that goes out of the state they run for office. to Abuja and so on ”.

He said that as time approached, there could be as many as 10 Yoruba children to rise. He urged them to be patient in reaching out to the people because of the stagnant Hausa tribes who are watching who can take action and capture them.

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