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Shina Rambo: Learn more about the son of a robber who became a minister of God in prison

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Shina Rambo: Learn more about the son of a robber who became a minister of God in prison





In Yoruba, if a child does not look like a pair of pants, he will look like a jerk, and the one who is born will look like a jerk.

So it is with the life story of a brother known to many as Shina Rambo.

Shina is tall, about six and a half feet tall, watery, and black.

He was a robber between 1990 and 2000, and before he was caught by the police, he went to prison, and there he met God, becoming an evangelist for the Lord.

As the World Wide Web celebrates the creation, so does Wikipedia, as well as the site of Shina Rambo and Wikipedia.

How Shina Rambo began her career leading to robbery:

Shina was born in 1958, a native of Abeokuta, Ogun State, while his mother is a native of Sabongida-Ora, Edo State.

His father was a military man known as Soja, and he had a wife of about eighteen because of the many places he went to work, he was pregnant with a woman.

According to Shina Rambo, his father used robes and military equipment to rob people, and he made a lot of money.

From a young age, the civilized Shina had received a lot of money from his father, which was very eye-opening.

One day, when Shina was seven years old, her father left us a big bag full of big money.

These bills are foreign currency, and blood is part of the currency, they use a woman’s hair to clean the blood.

At this time Shina came as his father and asked, “Is this human blood or animal blood?”

But he said his father did not answer, they were all just drinking and smoking, and they were having a good time.

My father was upset because I had a gun, and he wanted to cut me off because:

Similarly, this robber often had his father drop his Soldier’s rifle in front of him, and then put it back, so he kept his eyes on what he was doing.

But one day, Shina entered his father’s room while he went to the toilet, saw his rifle unloaded, and sat down to return the gun, which he did without any trouble.

His father came in with a recent shotgun, his father was upset and wanted to kill him, he shot him in the head but he escaped and escaped.

Shina said, “My father was waiting for me at night. He crawled into my room and tried to cut off my head. today. “

Shina added that it was on this day that he admitted that he had received a permit, that all he had to do was carry a gun, and that he had started his robbery.

I speak the language of a hundred people:

Shina Rambo acknowledges that the cause of one’s work is lazy, and strives to beat the crap out of robbery.

As long as one is going to eat well, one has to close the door tightly, Shina is looking for energy, he is making internal medicine, and there is no place without medicine.

They say that the person who eats with the Esu, the spoon will be long, Shina is so strong in medicine that he stabbed a 27-year-old pregnant woman to use it as a precaution.

Similarly, Shina cuts off the tongue of a hundred people, eats them, and lives in a tree for several days, as well as sleeping in a graveyard to make himself a man.

Not to be outdone, Shina re-energizes Cross River State, ready to become a world-renowned pirate gang.

The tomb was given to a woman as a follow-up robbery known to the world as Alhaja, people thought he was a glutton.


Alhaja covers his head, does not open his eyes so that his secret will not be revealed to him as soon as he is two, and no one will ever see his face.

Shina Rambo is the driver of this Alhaja, and can drive fast with the car safely, within minutes, he will find a car from Nigeria de Cotonou.

Shina, while briefing reporters after his visit, explained that “I have done so much, and I cannot read it.”

I spent about a year in the Iroko tree:

“I became very strong. I went into the orchard, which was about the size of an entire city. There were many beautiful houses in the orchard. In fact, I was at my house there where many politicians and the rich were.”

Shina Rambo asserted that she could wear a variety of costumes at any time, making it difficult for police to apprehend her.

Shina said: “They are killing other innocent people in the robbery. They think they are killing Shina Rambo. In fact, I am killing nine doctors who made the medicine for me. so that they do not divulge my secret. “

Shina cut off the head of a hundred people, handed it over to the Babalaw, and made medicine for him, and no bullets were fired at him, as if he had been beaten with water, and no what he could not do to find power.

Shina Rambo was also saddened by the fact that she had been raped by her mother, and whenever she saw the old mother, she was devastated.

How Shina Rambo became a threat to the city:

After gaining so much power, Shina Rambo became a notorious, ruthless robber and swindler, plundering the city without anyone noticing.

Most of the time he goes into the police station, and he kills all the policemen who are there in the middle of the day, and worse than a blind man.

After spending time in Nigeria, he returned to Cotonou in the Republic of Benin, where he owned about 40 cars in one day, becoming very rich.

Shina Rambo is married with three children but all of them disappeared on the same day when police searched her house after she went out to commit robbery, resisted entering Ado, could not bring her son inside.

Speaking of his wife, Rambo said “My wife is a tree behind the garden for me, and I usually go back to sleep after I steal.”

“You know what I’m doing, that’s why the police did not arrest me early. I do not go to bed at night, I usually come back after I steal in the afternoon.”

He continued, “I am rich, I am rich, and I spend about fifty million a day.”

“There was a day when my drugstore was about to explode, I was arrested by the police and the military. find a way to escape. “

As Shina Rambo was handcuffed by law enforcement, her guilt and how she became an evangelist:

After his wife, child and everything Shina Rambo worked for, all disappeared from his life, he surrendered to the police.

They were arraigned in court and sentenced to 11 years in prison at Agodi Prison in Ibadan.

It was during his stay in the prison that he met the late Prophet TO Obadare while he was preaching there.

Shina Rambo dedicated his life to God, Obadare prayed for him, and changed his name to Oluwafemi, while Chief Olusegun Obasanjo ruled Nigeria and spent Shina Rambo’s release from prison.

Since then Shina Rambo has been preaching the gospel of God and saying goodbye to robbery.

Lessons from Shina Rambo’s life story teach us:


The first lesson is that parents should not abuse their children because parents are the inspiration for their children.

The second lesson is that civil servants should not undermine the city as Shina Rambo’s father did.

The third lesson is that you should be aware that sooner or later the leaves will wither because you used to take medicine on a stressful day, you use your head every day.

In the same way, we must learn that nothing can be taken for granted, if it is to be brought down because of the blessings of the Lord, no matter how hard we try.

We should also understand that there is no one whom God cannot take, there is no limit to what He can do, there is only solace.

Finally, the story of Shina Rambo teaches us that there is no creature that God could not use for the evolution of his work, regardless of how bad his life was at the beginning of the altar.


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