Yoruba Nation: Kemi Olunloyo laments that those who called for the Yoruba Nation have forgotten Sunday Igboho in prison




I have said before that the Yoruba Nation cannot “work”, you have forgotten Sunday Igboho in Cotonou Prison – Kemi Olunloyo

The commentator, who is a well-known investigative journalist, said in an interview with BBC Yoruba that he did not support the Yoruba secession from Nigeria.

Former Oyo State governor Kemi’s daughter, Dr. Omololu Olunloyo, said in the video that calling for the establishment of a Yoruba state could not be successful.

Kemi said that if those who are calling for the Yoruba Nation know about the fight between two Yoruba political leaders, Obafemi Awolowo and Ladoja Akintola, they will stop calling for the Yoruba Nation.

Kemi said, “Look at the Yoruba Nation, try to establish the Yoruba Nation.

“Learn from Awolowo Akin tola.”


Kemi Olunloyo asked those who do not know the story to ask the elders who know what happened between the two Yoruba politicians.

“I do not agree with the call for the establishment of the Yoruba Nation, but I am behind Chief Sunday Adeyemo on the humanitarian work they are doing for the people.


What are some of the reasons why Kemi Oluloyo was involved in the affair?

I do not want Nigeria to be divided, I am a Nigerian.

Barely holding a German naval record, Nnamdi Kanu also holds a British naval record.

Those with a foreign passport are more likely to be upset.

What happened when Igboho fled Nigeria before being arrested in Benin Republic?

The so-called Yoruba Nation is the worst group I have ever seen in Nigeria.

They rallied on the call for the release of the Yoruba Nation but forgot their leader, Sunday Igboho to prison in Cotonou.

The money raised by the GOFUNDME program was later recovered.


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