Abba Kyari: Look at Kyari’s wife’s condition and why the judge refused to grant her husband’s bail





The situation is similar today at the Abuja High Court where the trial of Nigerian Police Chief Abba Kyari is taking place.

This did not happen after his wife fainted after the trial ended today on Monday.

The mob surrounded the woman to save her life and took her to court.

What made Kyari’s wife faint in court?

Kyari’s wife came to court wearing a black dress, and she wanted to go and arrest her husband, before the affair began to unravel.

The woman was pronounced unconscious, but family members who spoke to the BBC said she had asthma.

This is one of the major incidents in court today but the judge has adjourned the trial of drug trafficking case against Abba Kyari.

The trial of Abba Kyari and four other police officers is set to resume on the 28th of this month.

Abba Kyari ati awọn afurasi yoku nile ẹjọ

Where does the trial go from the beginning ?:

On August 8, Kyari and four police officers told the judge they were not guilty of the charges against them.

The case involved 17 kilograms of cocaine, which they allegedly sold and was allegedly found in possession of cocaine, which weighs as much as 20 kilograms.

Judge Emeka Nwite, after hearing the defense of Mahmoud Magaji, said that the charges against Kyari could be upheld.

Kyari’s lawyer also said that Kyari needed time with his lawyer so that they could better prepare for the trial.

He said if Kyari was still with the NDLEA he would not be able to do this as expected.

The lawyer added that the NDLEA had not been allowed to rest and review the case before it.


He says their rights are being violated now.

Abba Kyari could be fined if they accept his representation – NDLEA

NDLEA lawyer Joseph Sunday advised the court not to grant Kyari bail.

His contention was that Kyari could cover the ground if they could get his representative.

The NDLEA also said that being a police detective was also an opportunity for Kyari to flee Nigeria, and would not appear in court if his bail was granted.

How did Kyari get handed over to the judge?

The NDLEA said the matter started on January 21 when Kyari called one of the NDLEA staff in Abuja around 2pm.

When the worker arrives, she says Kyari says she is coming to see him to discuss a project after Friday’s haircut.

The NDLEA said Kyari appeared at the right time and at the right time, and did not hesitate to comment.

“Some of his agents have arrested a suspected drug lord who smuggled 25 kilograms of drugs into Nigeria from Ethiopia,” he said.

Kyari suggested that the drug should be distributed, adding that he and his staff would take 15 kilograms of the drug and leave 10 kilograms to those who wanted to prosecute them.

The NDLEA said it would replace Kyari with 15 kilograms of counterfeit drugs.

The commission concluded the case with the explanation that Kyari had asked the NDLEA official to speak to his people, so that the matter would not be settled.


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