See Bucha, Ukraine, where the streets are full of dead bodies and weapons






As Russia tries to enter the Ukrainian capital, Ukrainian troops are trying their best to clear the air.

This idea aims to surround Kyiv, and take power from President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Among the places where the Russian idea has failed is the city of Bucha.

The second day after Russia attacked Ukraine on the 24th, the second day, the Ukrainian army destroyed Russian troops as they were about to capture Bucha.

The move is part of a process that Russia has not been able to carry out in its quest.

As a result, his troops gradually withdrew from the Kyiv area.

Although Russia’s goal of a war in central Ukraine has come to fruition, the fact remains that the Ukrainian military has blocked the plan.

Within two to three weeks of the fighting, Russian troops had withdrawn from the area.

It seems that the Russian troops left the city in a rage, unfortunately. The death toll has risen sharply, as Ukrainian troops enter the city.


Some of them tied their hands behind their backs.

The mayor also said 280 bodies had been buried.

Some residents of the city said they were avoiding Russian citizens by any means. And in front of their house, they were cooking food with wood, because there was no electricity, gas or water.

The city is not far from Hostomel Airport, where Russian troops first attacked.

There they destroyed the world’s largest bus.

The plane during its lifetime was something that the Ukrainians were proud of, as an example of their ability to do great things around the world.


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