Sheikh Nuru Khalid: Who is the Imam of Abuja who has been the subject of much controversy over his opposition to President Buhari




An online dispute has erupted after mosque officials in Apo, Abuja stopped the mosque imam.

On Friday, Sheikh Nuru Khalid was quoted as saying in his sermon that it was unfortunate that President Buhari refused to go to Kaduna State following the attack on the train.

All over the internet this issue is causing a lot of controversy and Nigerians are a little disappointed with how this imam was stopped.

The attack mentioned in his sermon is one that worries the public about the number of lives lost.

In Kaduna, kidnappers hijacked a train and dumped cannabis on a train.

At least eight people have been killed and scores injured in what became known as the Cold War.

As of this writing, there are some people who do not know where the kidnappers fled.

The Kaduna state governor, who has been embroiled in controversy, has said the Nigerian military is not doing its job as it is tasked with cracking down on kidnappers.

What do people say about the detention of Imam Nuru Khalid?

On Twitter, people are flocking to the official website of the Apo mosque council set up for Imam Khalid.

@farooqkperogi who is an opponent of the presidency also reiterated the Imam’s statement where he said it was inappropriate for the president not to contact Kaduna because when he needed their vote, he went there.


Gimba Kakanda, who is also an expert on Nigerian affairs, has spoken out against the move and has accused religious leaders of backing the government but one who spoke out against the government.

Senator Sheu Sani, who once represented Kaduna State in the National Assembly, called on the Apo mosque committee to reverse the order.

What is the accusation leveled against Imam Khalid by the Mosque Council?

In his inaugural address on Friday, Imam Nuru Khalid criticized the Nigerian government for failing to address the security and genocide challenges facing Nigeria.

In his sermon, he advised the public on the steps they could take to address the government’s shortcomings in providing public safety.

He advised that if the government did not stop the killings, the people should not go to the polls.

In an interview with the BBC, the chairman of the mosque committee, Saidu Muhammad Dansadau, said that the imam had been suspended because of prejudice.

The publication of Imam Khalid’s sermon contradicts Islam and they have appointed my Imam to replace Imam Khalid


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