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What does science say about people who have sex with dogs? Here is an in-depth study

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What does science say about people who have sex with dogs? Here is an in-depth study






The doctor said it was impossible for a person who had sex with a dog or a religion or other animal to live longer under any circumstances.

Many Nigerians are still expressing their displeasure over a video posted on a social networking site where some women are having sex with dogs for money.

Nigerians on the internet are confronted with this kind of behavior and it is absolutely inappropriate.

The women are also wanted by the Nigerian police for their actions against Nigerian law, which carries a maximum penalty of 14 years in prison for sexual assault.

What does science say about animal sex?

Scientists call it bestiality.

This means sexual intercourse between a person and something non-human.

And this is one of the sexes that people don’t know much about.

An article published by the National Institute of Public Health in Nigeria, examines the causes of human sexual dysfunction and its rare effects.

A study conducted in Virginia between 2003 and 2017 found that thirty-three out of every 1,000 people were sexually active with animals.

They are probably not people who have been sexually abused in small numbers and are engaging in animal abuse.

What are the risks of animal sex?

Possible diseases are not uncommon if a person has sex with an animal;


• Zoonotic diseases that are transmitted from animals to humans, causing epidemics and diseases such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. This can be fatal

• Leptospirosis that enters the human body from animal urine

• Echinococcosis

• Rabies disease that kills people very quickly

• Male cervical cancer

• Mental illness

• Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated after exposure.

Dr Christopher Otabor, who spoke to BBC Pidgin in Abuja, said some of the illnesses were incurable.

It has something to do with it and it causes people to die quickly because it is embarrassing to say something that is bothering them.

Doctors say sexual harassment is a good thing but people are not talking about it, because it is embarrassing and the internet is just coming out now.

He said others would come in with non-communicable diseases and escape all efforts, but they would eventually die.

The doctor added that it is not possible for a person to have sex with a dog or a religion or other animal for a long time under any circumstances.

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