Christian Adiabo,  popularly known as CVIST a renown Film Director,  Producer,  Script Writer and Actor in Ghana urged the youth to go into Agriculture.  He stated that there will be food shortage in the whole world.  In 1983 t0 1984 there was serious famine in Ghana.  A lot of money was in the system but it could buy nothing because there was no food in the country.

According to Mr Christian Adiabo,  CVIST he said most farm lands are turn into residence.  Lands that suppose to be used for farm  are sold out for residence.

In Ghana we have ministry of Food and Agriculture but yet the price of food is high because the said ministry has produced no crops or fewer if there’s any.

We have a sector called planting for food and jobs but yet no planting of a common green grass let alone job for the youth.

For more than 10 years now the government of Ghana has not employed or deployed anyone in to any sector or ministry for job avenues.  What’s the use of the said ministry,  Ministry of Food and Agriculture?

I believe in every year the government of Ghana release some amount of money to support the said ministry in order to make their work easier and also recruit more guys in the Agricultural sector.

Where does the money go and how is the money spent? Is there any accountabilities?


Mr Christian Adiabo,  CVIST further added that Ghana is the pocket of some few people especially the politicians.  Undeniable truth, many people in Ghana now can not afford more than 1 Square meal a day.

Almost every day there is increament on goods and services and most especially food stuff.

Why can’t the government make some provisions for people who are already in to farming and people who study Agriculture but lack the support?


And the foreign investors too what do they actually consider because they enter into agreement with the ministry of food and agriculture?

Do they really carry out research and also do they evaluate the said ministry?

Ghana is seriously lacking in everything not only in food.  We import almost everything including Gari and toothpicks.  Can you imagine! it’s an insults to our beloved country.

Ghana sold its pride and heritage to foreign countries as far as food and Agriculture is concerned and not only that but also our mineral,  natural and human resources.

My message is simple,  the youth must take farming as their second job.

Ghana is in serious food crisis.


By: Christian Adiabo (CVIST)




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