A name can be more than just a word, it can be a story, an ode, a wish, a blessing or a conversation starter. It’s usually the first piece of information given to someone. So, like all names, choosing a Yoruba name should be given significant consideration.

A-Z Yoruba names for your kids (with meanings!)

Workplace suitability used to be a determining factor for parents when choosing Yoruba names for their children. Parents often agonised about the possibility of children losing job opportunities because a boss couldn’t pronounce their names.





While for the current generation it is comforting to know that many successful artists have made waves, even with their native Yoruba names. A couple of examples are Fela Anikulapo-Kuti (Fela is short for Olufela, which means God enlarges wealth) and Jide Kosoko (Jide means to be awoken).

Whether you’re expecting a new arrival, or someone in your family is due to welcome a child, choosing a name can be a daunting task.rom the surrounding Yoruba traditions to a helpful list of Yoruba boys, girls and unisex names, you’ll find everything you need to know about Yoruba names right here.

The Yorubas have one of the most interesting and the most complicated naming traditions in the world. A private child naming ceremony is often organized seven days after the birth of the child.

There, the child’s unique identity is unveiled. In pre-colonial West Africa, parents from the Yoruba ethnic group relied on traditional priests to decide the child’s destiny and to choose a name that reflects their pathway. Then a public ceremony was held, to celebrate the arrival of the child with friends and family.

However, things have changed in the twenty-first century, especially with the advent of Christianity and Islam. Parents, grandparents and, in rare cases, family friends suggest beautiful Yoruba names for the baby. Often these names describe the circumstance surrounding the baby’s conception and birth.

Some of the most delightful names available in this majority South Western and North-central Nigerian ethnic group are referred to as praise names (popularly called Oriki names). Such names are often bestowed upon children who have brought exceptional joy and pride to the family. Examples of Oriki names include Ayinla, Ajoke, Alao, Akano, Asabi, Ajani, Akanmu, Amope, Anike, Abike, Abake, Alao, Adio, Akanni, Amoke, Arike, Akano, Agbeke, Ajin-un, Alake, Awero, Abebi, Abeun, Aremu, Alani, Ayinke and Ìshọ̀lá.

Also notable is that Yorubas have interesting naming traditions for twins. In such cases, names are predetermined by the order of the baby’s arrival. Taiwo (a name that loosely translates to ‘pre-tasted the world’) is the name given to the first twin. The second twin is named Kehinde, a name meaning ‘the one who lagged behind’.

There are lots of Yoruba names to choose from. To simplify your name search, we have compiled a comprehensive litany of trendy, religious, quaint or modern baby names. Enjoy choosing a creative name for your baby.



There are lots of Yoruba names to choose from

Yoruba boys names and meanings A-Z

Name Meaning
Abayomrunkoje God won’t allow humiliation
Abegunde One born during the holiday
Abeo The bringer of happiness
Abiade One who is born of royal parents
Abidogun One born before the war
Abiodun One born at the time of festival
Abiola Born in honour; Born during the first days
Abioye The son of royalty; A variant of Abiola
Adebamgbe A Nigerian term meaning royalty dwells within me
Adebiyi The royal one
Adedayo The crown has turned to joy
Ademola Crown is added to my wealth
Adeniyi The value or honour of a crown
Adepero The crown has brought peace
Adesanya My pains have been compensated with the arrival of this child
Adeshola One who is crowned to bring wealth
Adesola A child crowned with wealth
Adetayo Crown has brought joy
Adetokunbo A Nigerian name of Yoruba descent Ade means ‘crown’
Adetola The crown can be measured to wealth
Adetope The crown is worthy of praise
Adetosoye The crown is entitled to the throne
Adisa Clear spoken person
Akin Brave; heroic; Hebrew – Man
Alake One to be honoured
Apara Matchless; unique; one who is exclusive and has no equivalent
Ayinde We gave praise and he came
Ayodele Joy has returned; a variant of name Ayotunde
Ayotomiwa Wealth has returned
Babasola Father’s wealth has arrived
Babatunji The father returns again
Banjoko Don’t ever leave me
Bankole Build a home for me
Bayode He who brings joy with himself
Bayowa He has come with joy
Bolade Honour will come
Damola Mixed with wealth
Durojaiye One who waits for the joy of life
Durosinmi Wait to rest
Esupofo The devil has lost
Farayioluwola I rely on God
Fiyinfolu Give honour to God
Folarin Walk with glory
Folu A shy or timid man
Gbadebo The one who brings the crown
Idogbe The second third born after twins
Ifelewa The beautiful love
Iles Messenger of God
Inioluwa Acquiring God’s treasure
Iranola A wealthy family
Isamotu Olalekan Without God I’m destitute
Iseoluwa The act of God
Iyanu-Oluwa The miracle of God
Jesutosin Jesus is worthy of worship
Jimoh One who is born on a Friday
Kaseko To mock or ridicule someone
Mabayoje Do not destroy joy
Majekodunmi Do not let it be a thing of pain
Mayowa One who brings joy to the family
Mobo Freedom
Mobolaji Born of wealth
Modadeola A man wearing a crown of wealth or affluence
Modurodoluwa I waited on the Lord
Modurolorilerioluwa One who stands on the promise of God
Mofetoluwa A man who graciously accepts God’s will
Mofihinfoluwa To God be the glory
Mofolorunso One who is placed in God’s care
Naade A boy who is born in royalty
Numilekunoluwa Clean my tears, Lord
Oba The king
Obafemi The king loves me
Obaloluwa God is the king
Obasolape God has made His wealth complete
Obatotosinloluwa God is indeed worthy of praise
Odunayo Year of happiness
Ogooluwa The glory of God
Olabamiji Wealth wakes with me
Olabisi The joy is multiple The joy is multiple
Olabode Wealth has come home
Oladayo Wealth has become joy
Olamilekan Lord Shiva, one of the three major divinities in the later hindu pantheon
Oson Summer
Pamilekunayo One who brings tears of joy
Remilekun Console me, Lord
Rereloluwa God is good all the time
Ropo Come to save
Sangodele The God of thunder has come
Sareola One who is walking towards getting wealthy
Seriki Leader of an Islamic community
Seye Honour
Shakale The almighty
Shoyebi A word used for wizards who ward off evil
Shijuade A man who is destined for greatness
Sinmiloluwa Rest in the Lord
Sunkanmi Draw close to me
Sunmoluwa One who is moving closer towards God
Tadenikawo Person under the protection of the crown
Tanimola Nobody knows what lies tomorrow
Tantoluwa No one like God
Tayo Boy full of happiness
Teleayo The one who lays ground for joy
Teleola He has laid ground for wealth
Temidayo Mine has turned into joy
Temiloluwa God is mine
Temitope One who is worthy of praise
Teniayo The foundation of joy
Tifeoluwa It is the will of God
Tiwalade The crown is ours
Tiwatope Our situation is worthy of thanks
Tolulola Wealth belongs to God
Tolulope To God be the glory
Toluwalase Authority belongs to God
Toluwalogo The glory belongs to God
Toluwalope God is worthy of praise
Toluwanimi I belong to God
Tomori We have seen a baby again
Tosin Only God is servable
Yele One who befits the family





Name Meaning
Abebi We asked for a girl child
Abidemi A girl born during father’s absence
Abiona One who is born during a journey
Adankwo One born on the fourth day
Adaoma A good and virtuous
Adaora Daughter of all
Adefolake Your wealth supports us
Aderiyike The pampered crown
Adesina She opens the way
Adunni A daughter of the sweet person
Aega A palm bird; tiny bird
Aina Beautiful Eyed Woman
Amoke Loving stroke or to pet her
Atinuke One who has been taken care of right from conception
Ayobami Wealth meet me; one asking for wealth
Ayokunumi I am overwhelmed with wealth
Ayomisioluwakonitan The joy of the Lord will never diminish in my life
Ayoola The joy of wealth
Ayotola Joy is enough wealth
Ayotoluwafunmi The joy that the Lord has given me
Ayotundun Joy is sweet
Ayowonuola Joy enters wealth
Ayowunmi A girl who loves joy
Bandele Born away from home
Bere First daughter of the family
Bidemi Born awaiting me
Bimpe One who is gorgeous and beautiful
Bisi She who is a first-born daughter in the family
Bmidele Follow me home
Bodunde Came with Christmas or one who was born during Christmas
Bolanle One who finds wealth at home
Bolatito How joy sanctifies me
Boluwaji Rise up with the Lord
Boluwatife As God wishes; one who follows the will of God
Bosede A daughter that came to world on a Sunday
Bunmi To be my gift
Busayo Add to the joy
Dideoluwakusidede The coming of the Lord is at hand
Diekololaoluwa God’s blessing isn’t small
Diekololaoluwalayemi The wealth of God in my life cannot be measured
Doyinsola My wealth is sweet
Ebunoluwa The God’s gift
Emilohi Only God is great
Eniiyi A person of integrity
Enitan Person of the story or person with a history
Eriifeoluwa The evidence of God’s love
Eromidola My thought has become wealth
Eyitope This is worthy for praise
Fadekunmi Add crown to me or add crown for me
Fehintola Rest on wealth
Feyisayo Use this as joy
Feyisetan Use this as history
Feyisola A girl who always has the blessing of her parents on her; my blessing
Fiayosemi The one who has molded her parents with joy
Fibikemi Bless me with your birth
Fisayo God has added me to my joy
Folade The honour arrives
Folake One who is taken care of with wealth
Folaoluwashade The wealth of God is my crown
Folasade Honour confers a crown
Folusho God cares; who is always under God’s protection
Fowoke A girl who is pampered with money
Foyinsola Add honey to the wealth
Funmilayo Gift of God or God has brought me joy
Fyiynfoluwa Give praise to God; a person who never forgets to praise God for everything
Gbemisola Carry me into wealth
Gbohunmi God has heard my cry
Gbolahun Show the wealth
Gboyega Carry the glory high
Ibidolapo A term used for a child whose birth brought the wealth together
Ibidun The birth was sweet
Ibilola A girl who is born in riches
Ibironke The family will love this child
Ibukun Blessings
Ibukunade The blessings have come to me
Ibukunoluwa The blessings of God
Idowu A child who is born after twins
Ifedayo Love has turned to joy
Ifede Love is here
Ifedolaoluwa God has blessed our love
Ifedolapo Wealth has been mixed with love
Ifejesukristi The love of Jesus Christ
Ifelayo Love is joy
Ifeoluwadolapo God’s love has brought us wealth
Ifesowapo Love has joined us together
Ifetundun Love is sweet
Ifeya Love; a lovable woman
Ikeoluwa One who is under the constant care of God
Ileara A healthy child
Ilerioluwa The promise of God
Iretomiwa Blessing has come to me; a girl who has brought blessings to her family
Isoken One who is content with her destiny
Iyawa Ability or skill; a skillful woman
Jadesola Come out into wealth
Jadesolaoluwa One who has come out to the wealth of God
Jaiyeola One who is enjoying a wealthy life
Jesulayotimoni Jesus is the joy I have
Jibola A child born with wealth
Jolasun Let the wealth some forth
Kayin The child that has been long awaited
Kehinde Came second or the second born child
Keyshia A girl who is the favourite of everyone
Kikelomo A child whom everyone loves pampering
Kinfeosioluwa I may love you more, my Lord
Kokumo This one will not die
Kolapo Wealth is in abundance
Kolawole Wealth has entered
Korede A girl who has brought joy to the family
Lanre My wealth is the future
Latorunwa One who has descended from heaven
Lolade God is with you
Mofoluwakemi Given for the Lord’s blessing
Monife The one who has been loved
Olamide Divinity of triumph; supernatural of success
Oluchi The work of god
Oluwabusola God adds to my wealth
Oluwafunbi God gave this to me
Omolade Child of the crown
Omorinsola The child who walks into wealth
Orisa An angelic manifestation
Oyinlola Nigerian term meaning wealth is sweet
Ronke A person who has someone to pamper
Shola A blessed one
Tambara A girl who is at ease
Tiaraoluwa From the body of God, Lord’s wonder
Timilehin God is with you
Titilayo One who is joyful for ever; ever happy
Toluwalashe God’s will will be done
Tujuka Cheerful
Yejide One who looks like her mother
Zoputan The protector

There are lots of Yoruba names to choose from

Name Meaning
Ajayi Born face-down
Ayomide Joy has returned ; a variant of name Ayotunde
Ayotunde Joy has returned; a variant of name Ayomide
Ige Born feet first
Jaiyesimi One who believes in enjoying life
Modupeore Thank you God for this gift
Monjolaoluwa Enjoying the wealth of God
Morenikeji This child resembles me
Niyilolawa The wealth is here
Olajuwan The exaltation of the triumph
Olayinka Wealth surrounds me
Olorunyomi God has saved me
Olumoroti I stand with God
Olusola God has blessed me
Oluwagbenga God has lifted me up
Oluwatoke God is worthy to be adored
Tejumola One who looks forward to better days
Tiwa One who owns the crown or kingship
Tokunbo One who is from across the seas






If you’re going to pick a Yoruba name for your child, don’t forget to choose a name that resonates well with you. Don’t worry about how other people might react to it. The significance and meaning of the name are arguably the most important considerations. And if anyone poses that timeless Shakespearean question, “What’s in a name?” shrug your shoulders and say, “Everything.”


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