November 13, 2023
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2023 Ikeduru State Assembly Seat: Hon. Henry Igbokwe’s Ambition that Excites By Uzoma Adigwe.






Perhaps, the most exciting and heartwarming news in the political landscape of Ikeduru currently is the emergence of Hon. Henry Uzochukwu Igbokwe as the House of Assembly candidate of the BOOT party in the Ikeduru Assembly Seat election in 2023. The satisfaction and frenzy that have trailed this emergence is an attestation to the credibility and competence of Hon. Henry Igbokwe to occupy the State Assembly Seat.


The reason for the jubilation and reasonable expectation is not far fetched. There is a general feeling that Ikeduru as a people deserves a credible, vibrant and efficient representation in the coming political dispensation. A representative with the requisite exposure, experience and contact to offer an impactful representation that will bring smiles on the faces of Ikeduru constituents. Little wonder the joy that greeted his emergence.


Although, BOOT as a political party may not be very popular to the people of Ikeduru, the philosophy behind the party as a party committed to a guaranteed future for the citizens and the impeccable personality of Hon. Henry Igbokwe are enough factors that could turn around the political fortunes of the party in Ikeduru.


This is in addition to the fact that the 2023 elections has the trappings to open a new vista in the election trajectory of the country where the electorates are expected to vote individuals that could engender transformation in their lives rather than political parties.


This postulation is in tandem with the saying that one cannot be doing the same thing all the time and expect a different result. The people of Ikeduru will do things different in the 2023 Ikeduru Assembly election and that would be to ensure the victory of Hon. Igbokwe in order to get a different result.


The yearning for a credible candidate with the requisite capacity to offer quality representation and significantly close the infrastructural and socio economic gaps in Ikeduru is real and only a sincere and qualify individual in the mould of Hon. Henry Igbokwe can foot this bill. Hon Igbokwe can be said to possess these credentials, and even more. He is cool headed, smart, loyal, intelligent and highly celebral. This is very evident in the way he has managed and recorded landmark successes in the various private and public positions he had served in country at large.



Jacko as fondly called by his admirers, Hon. Henry Igbokwe is a seasoned banker and manager of men and resources. He is the Managing Director/ CEO Henvic Integrated Resources Limited, a company he has used to to empower numerous young men and women of Ikeduru persuasion. He was the former Board Chairman Imo Broadcasting Cooperation(IBC) and Orient Television, a position he used to enhance the operation of the broadcasting outfit.


Hon. Henry Igbokwe has also held so many positions of trust and advocacy. Some of them include, National Coordinator, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi Non Negotiable, 2023 (CRANN-2023), Zonal cordinator South East Mohammadu Buhari Legacy Foundation (MBLF), National Director of Social SPCS Old boys association, founder Mezie Ikeduru organization, former Imo State Cordinator Rochas Peoples Movement, former member Imo State Development Council,  former member Ugwumba Uche Nwosu State Governorship campaign team 2019, former chairmanship aspirant Ikeduru LGA, etc.



A Knight of St. John International(KSJI), Hon. Henry Igbokwe was also a former Ward Chairman of APC in Amaimo ward, former President General, Umuofor Amaimo Autonomous Community and former BOT Secretary Amaimo Progressives Forum. His exploits in community service is unprecedented.


It is expected that Hon. Henry Igbokwe will bring his wealth of experience in both the private and public sectors to bear in his representation in the State House of Assembly.



There is no doubt that he possesses the capacity to sponsor people oriented bills and motions that will not only empower youths and women of Ikeduru but will also open up Ikeduru for sustainable development. He has set regular constituency briefing as a cardinal feature of his representation, and has manifested sufficient capacity and wherewithal to attract quality projects to the people of Ikeduru.


As the 2023 elections beckon, the people of Ikeduru will certainly align with one of their own. A candidate that feels their pulse and knows their challenges. That candidate is Hon. Henry Uzochukwu Igbokwe.


2023 Ikeduru State Assembly Seat:  Hon. Henry Igbokwe’s Ambition that Excites By Uzoma Adigwe.

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