October 4, 2023
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Fear as Terrorists Threatened to Kill Abuja-Kaduna Passengers 100 Days After Abduction




Hundred days after the attack on a Kaduna-bound train, terrorists have threatened to kill the abducted passengers


The terrorists issued a threat to kill all the victims of the abduction over what is termed as the government’s inability to secure the release of the passengers


The threat by the terrorists was also confirmed by Tukur Mamu, a negotiator between the group and the federal government on the matter


Terrorists under the Ansaru group have threatened to commence the killing of passengers who were on board the ill-fated Abuja-Kaduna train on Monday, March 28.


Daily Trust reports that an audio circulation is believed to be the voice of one of the members of the Ansaru terrorist group.


The voice in the audio had threatened to kill all the passengers on the train who were abducted by terrorists should the government fail to make efforts to secure their release.


Negotiator Tukur Mamu confirms the threat


Further confirming the authenticity of the audio, a Kaduna-based publisher, Tukur Mamu, the group had fixed a date to carry out their threat.


Mamu, who has served as a mediator between the Federal Government and the terrorist group said that Wednesday, July 6, has been chosen as a day to carry out the threat.



His words:

“These people became provoked on Monday after giving us another opportunity.


“I was crying and pleading with them on audio that since there is a delay from the government why can’t they discuss with the family members directly to negotiate the victims’ release.


Mamu also noted that due to the delays and plea from families and associates of the victims of the kidnapped they have agreed to deal directly with them.

He added:

“So based on the plea they agreed to negotiate directly with the victims’ families.


“But they said they are giving us till Wednesday that if there is nothing concrete from those that are interested in negotiation they will start slaughtering some of the victims.”




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