Follow this live update for minute by minute account from the Osun Governorship election.

Osun Governorship election

The die is cast and the stage is set for what will be a showdown as the people of Osun State go to the poll to elect a governor. Today’s election is expected to be keenly contested with incumbent, Governor Gboyega Oyetola, seeking a second term of office.





Meanwhile, 14 other candidates from 14 from parties, including main challenger and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) flag-bearer, Senator Nurudeen Ademola Jackson Adeleke, are expected to give the All Progressives Congress (APC) a run for their money.

Other frontline contenders in today’s election are the former Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Lasun Yusuf, representing the Labour Party; Akin Ogunbiyi of the Accord Party and Social Democratic Party candidate, Goke Omigbodun.

Other candidates participating in the Osun 2022 governorship election are: Munirudeen Atanda (ADP); Lukman Awoyemi (APM); Busuyi Ayowole (PRP); Awojide Segun (AAC); Adeleke Adedapo (BP); Adebayo Elisha (APP); Rasaq Saliu (NNPP); Abede Samuel (NRM); Ademola Adeseye (YPP); and Adesuyi Olufemi (ZLP).

The Independent Electoral Commission has announced that Accreditation and Voting shall commence at 8:30 am and close at 2:30 p.m.

The accreditation process shall comprise authentication and verification of voters, using the Bimodal Accreditation System (BVAS) deployed by INEC.

This governorship election will be fought in 3763 polling units across 332 wards in the 30 Local Government Areas in Osun state.



Sunday, July 17, 2022.

4:10 pm: Results collated for Iwo LGA

APC – 17,421

LP – 32

PDP – 16,914

4:05 am: Results collated for Ola Oluwa LGA

APC – 9,123

LP – 12

PDP – 7,205

3:58 am: Results collated for Aiyedaade LG

APC – 14,527

LP – 20

PDP – 13,380

3:41 am: Results collated for Irepodun LG

APC – 12,122

LP – 1,886

PDP – 14,369

3:52 am: Results collated for Ori Ade LG

APC – 14,189

LP – 24

PDP – 15,947

3:36 am: Results collated for Ife Central LG

APC – 17,880

LP – 134

PDP – 13,532

3:26 am: Results collated for Ifedayo LG

APC – 5,016

LP – 1

PDP – 4,730

3:21 am: Results collated for Ife North LG

APC – 9,964

LP – 34

PDP – 10,359

3:17 am: Results collated for Olorunda LG

APC – 18,709

LP – 63

PDP – 21,350

3:11 am: Results collated for Orolu LG

APC – 9,928

LP – 32

PDP – 10,282

3:07 am: Results collated for Obokun LG

APC – 9,727

LP – 11

PDP – 13,575

3:00 am: Results collated for Boripe LG

APC – 21,205

LP – 4

PDP – 7,595

2:53 am: Results collated for Odo Otin LG

APC – 13,482

LP – 19

PDP – 14,003

2:47 am: Results collated for Aiyedire LG

APC – 7,868

LP – 7

PDP – 7,402

2:40 am: Results collated for Ilesha West LG

APC – 10,777

LP – 40

PDP – 13,769

2:26 am: Results collated for Ifelodun LG

APC – 16,068

LP – 18

PDP – 17,107

2:16 am: Results collated for Atakunmosa West LG

APC – 6,601

LP – 13

PDP – 7,750

2:12 am: Results collated for Ila LG

APC – 11,163

LP – 6

PDP – 13,036

2:05 am: Results collated for Osogbo LG

APC – 22,952

LP – 79

PDP – 30,401

1:56 am: Results collated for Ilesha East LG

APC – 13,452

LP – 33

PDP – 10,969

1:46 am: Results collated for Boluwaduro LG

APC – 5,649

LP – 9

PDP – 5,869

Saturday, July 16, 2022.

6:09 pm: An update from INEC at this time shows a gentleman living with albinism using a magnifying glass to search for his name on the register of voters before voting at Polling Unit 14, Ward 7 in Ede North LGA.



(05:53pm) Result fromPU 06, Molete ward 3, Iwo LGA

APC: 111; PDP: 156

(05:52pm) Result from PU03, ward 8, Jolaiya area, Irewole LGA

PDP: 185; APC: 183

(05:47pm) Result from PU06, Ward 7, Oke Asa, Irewole LGA

APC: 220; PDP: 197

(05:46pm) Result from PU 06, Oke-Adan ward 3, Iwo LGA

APC: 102; PDP: 117

(05:46pm) Result from PU08, Ward 1, Ori Eru, Irewole LGA

APC: 95; PDP: 127; ADP: 8

Result: PU02, Ward 1, Popo Iragbiji, Boripe LGA

APC: 545

PDP: 68

(05:39pm) Result from PU 5, Ward 4, Ifelodun LGA

APC: 82; PDP: 120; AAC: 2; ADP: 3

(05:38pm) Result from PU 07, Oke-Adan ward 3, Iwo LGA

APC: 125; PDP: 128

(05:39pm) Result from PU03 Ward 1, Ori Eru, Irewole LGA

PDP: 114; APC: 112

(05:38pm) Result from PU 08, Oke-Adan ward 3, Iwo LGA

APC: 83; PDP: 70

(05:36pm) Result from PU01 Ward 1, Ayedade Ikire, Irewole LGA

PDP: 163; APC: 166

(05:35pm) Result from PU02 Ward 1, Ayedade Ikire, Irewole LGA

PDP: 86; APC: 117


(04:06pm) APC Wins Bisi Akande’s polling unit


Result: PU 12, Ward 04, Isedo, Ila-Orangun


PDP: 117; APC: 140

(04:05pm) Result from PU 007, Ward 01 Okesa, Ilesa East LGA

A:01; AAC:02; ADP: 01; APC: 98; APM: 01; PDP: 106; YPP: 01; ZLP: 01

(04:04pm) Result from PU 007, Ward 01 Okesa, Ilesa East LGA

A:01; AAC:02; ADP: 01; APC: 98; APM: 01; PDP: 106; YPP: 01; ZLP: 01



(04:03pm) Result from PU 04, Ward 10, Egbedore LGA

APC: 145; PDP: 213; LP: 01

(03:56PM) Result from PU 03, Dispensary Bode-Osi, Bode-Osi ward 8, Olaoluwa LGA

APC: 137; PDP: 151; NRM: 1; PRP: 1; A: 1

Registered votes: 754; Votes cast: 315; Invalid votes: 24




Result: Ward 02, PU 009 Abogunde, Ede North

APC: 23; PDP: 218


(03:42pm)Result from PU21, Ward 10, Egbedore LGA.

APC: 18; PDP: 20; LP: 0

(03:40pm) Result from PU 004, Fajuyi Hall OAU, Ward 05, Iremo/Ajebamidele, Ife Central LGA

PDP: 28; APC: 29; Accord: 9; LP: 2

(03:39pm) Result from PU 07, Open space, opposite Olubode palace, Bode-Osi Ward 8, Olaoluwa LGA

APC: 90; PDP: 108; NRM: 1; APM: 1; ADP: 3; PRP: 1

Registered voters: 329; Votes cast: 209; Invalid votes: 5

(03:38pm) Result from PU 28, Iremo/Ajebandele, OAU campus

PDP: 10; APC: 08

(03:38pm) Result from Ward 03, PU18, Egbedore LGA

APC: 24; PDP: 20; LP: 0

(03:37pm) Result from PU 006, Ward 08, Isibo/Buari-Isolo, Ede North

APC: 48; Accord: 1; PDP: 178

The moment APC was declared winner in the polling unit of Rauf Aregbesola, minister of interior.





An argument over invalid votes breaks out between party agents and the presiding officer at PU 005, Ward 8, Moro, Ife North LGA.

(PU 4, Elepo village, Bode-Osi ward 8, Olaoluwa LGA)



APC: 38; PDP: 96; AAC: 2; PRP: 1; YPP: 1;

Registered votes: 329; Votes cast: 141; and Invalid votes: 3

Sorting of votes has started at the polling unit 1, Isare Ward 8, Ilesha East. This is the polling unit where Aregbesola was expected to cast his vote, but the minister didn’t turn up for the exercise.


At polling unit Ward 4, Ogo-Oluwa, Osogbo LGA, many accredited voters were spotted waiting on the queue to cast their votes. The presiding officers said there are 2070 registered voters — and there’s a high turnout — hence why the process is dragging beyond the official time for the end of voting – via TheCable.




Voting is still in full swing at Polling Unit 005, Ward 7, Ipetumodu 2, Ife North LGA, less than 10 minutes to the official end of voting.


Davido’s father, Deji Adeleke, casts his vote in Ede.





Voting has ended at PUs 04 and 05, Ward 04, Ila-Orangun, but electoral officials are waiting till 2:30pm before the counting of votes begins.

Update: INEC adhoc staff unwind while they wait for voters at Polling Unit 005, Ward 04, Oba Laoye Grammar School, Alajue I, Ede South “We have 828 voters in this polling unit but only 361 have voted so far, we will stop voting by 2.30pm,” says the presiding officer.

A voter in Ilesha has said that he voted for one of the major parties because he “collected three buckets of garri“. He, however, said that he would have had a rethink had the other major party also gave him something.

Three police officers on election duty in Osun State were spotted sharing a motorcycle en route to a polling unit in Ede South.


Labour Party candidate, Yusuf Lasun said he has received several reports of vote buying across the state. He also denies stepping down for Ademola Adeleke, candidate of the PDP.

“If we decide to keep buying votes on the day of the election, Nigeria is in problem,” he said.




Some voters at PUs 2 and 7, Bode-Osi Ward 8, Olaoluwa LGA, have told TheCable that party agents gave them N5,000 each while some others said they received N3,000.


Minister of Interior and former Governor of Osun State, Rauf Aregbesola is yet to show up at his polling unit in Ward 8, Ilesha East, hours after the commencement of voting.


Some of his supporters say they are still waiting for him to show up — even as the queue gets shorter.


The elderly have their own queue at polling unit 6, Ward 8, Apomu, Isokan LGA.


Heavy rainfall has disrupted the voting process in many polling units in Ife South LGA.




US consulate election observers have just arrived at PU 004, Ward 04, Oba Laoye Grammar School, Ede South.

A hoodlum, pictured above, has been arrested by the Police alongside his colleagues in Ifofin area of Ilesha. He gave his name as Ezekiel and said he resides in Lagos and had to come to Ilesha “to work”.

One of the suspected hoodlums arrested by the police in the Ifofin area of Ilesha gives his name as Ezekiel. He said he resides in Lagos and had to come to Ilesha “to work”.


Agents representing different parties and candidates and watching as events unfold at Polling Unit 004, Ward 04, Oba Laoye Grammar School, Ede South.



Security operatives stationed at Ward 04, PU008, Anuolu Junction, Alajue I, Ede North said they’re being overwhelmed due to the large turnout of voters. There are over 1800 voters at this polling unit.

The voting exercise has so far been itch-free at Polling Unit 6, Isare Ward 8, Ilesha East LGA.


The incumbent governor of the state and APC candidate, Oyetola, alongside his wife, Kafayat, have just cast their votes.


Voters at PU 006, Ward 04, Ode Oke, Ede South are reportedly complaining that the voting process is slow.


Lasun Yusuf, the candidate of the Labour party has cast his vote at PU04, Ward 5, Woru compound, Irepodun LGA.


Akin Ogunbiyi, Accord Party governorship candidate, has just cast his vote at PU03, Ward 05, Methodist Primary School, Ileogbo, Ayedire LGA



Young voters troop out to participate in the Osun governorship election – via TheCable


Bisi Akande, chieftain of the APC, has just cast his vote at PU 12, Ward 01, Isedo, Ila-Orangun.




A 92-year-old grandmother has just cast her vote at Polling Unit 002, Ward 6, Baptist Primary School 1, Isore/Ikonifin, in Ola-Oluwa LGA.


The elderly stepped forward first to vote at PU01, Ward 1, Ayedade Ikire, Irewole LGA,



Women were the first set of voters as voting gets underway at Polling Unit 006, Registration 06, Ikire.

Candidate of the PDP, Ademola Adeleke, has cast his vote, making him the first among the contenders to vote.


INEC presiding officer reads out the procedures of voting with her colleague interpreting it in Yoruba language to voters who are waiting to cast their ballots at Salvation primary school, Polling Unit 005, Registration Area 05, Osogbo.


PDP candidate, Ademola Adeleke arrives at his polling unit at Abogunde in Ede North LGA – via TheCable


Voting gets underway as the first voter comes forward for accreditation at Polling Unit 1, Ward 3, Methodist School, Atakumosa West LGA.


Voters ready to vote at PU 1, Imo Ward 2, Ilesha East.

Election officials and security agents waiting for voters at Polling Unit 002, Ward 9, Kuta 1, Ayedire LGA as at 7.30am.

As at 07:15am, INEC ad-hoc officials had already set up and waiting for voters at Polling Unit 35, Registration Area 5, Osogbo LGA






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