September 30, 2023
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Pastor Speaks on Tithing, Says People Should Pay More than 10% Because Economy is Bad



A Nigerian pastor identified as Gosple Agochukwu has sparked a debate online over his advice about tithing


In a post shared on Facebook, the pastor advised people to stop giving God only 10% of their salaries



According to the pastor, the economy has become too bad, and 10% is no longer enough to be presented as tithe


A Nigerian pastor, Gosple Agochukwu, has penned down a controversial message to people about tithing.


The pastor stated that the economy has become so bad, and people need to learn to increase their tithes as the prices of items are also increasing.


He sternly warned people against giving God only 10% while lamenting over the situation of things in the country.


Pastor Agochukwu claims he gives God 70%

Speaking further, the pastor alleged to everyone who cared to listen that he gives God 70% of his earnings.


In his words:

“Economy is bad. Everything has gone up. Stop giving God 10%. I give 70% you can take your own decisions pls. But just increase in your kingdom investment things are on the high side.”



Reacting to the pastor’s message, Zinny Cubana said:

“JESUS INDEED NO business pass church business… As everything is getting high instead of u to advise people to save their tithes to feed well first. Anyways some gullible members will still starve to please pastor that is driving big big cars while they trek to church. All this nonsense won’t matter in heaven sha.”



Ndimile Chijioke reacted:

“Baba you need to go do apprenticeship for OPM hand.”


Emydon Emeka noted:

“Man of God pls don’t change the scripture oo, so God have said it nd it’s final, weather economy is high or low, God’s own is ten percent, so sir let leave for God nd no body should change it.”


Miriam Ken added:

“You are right Sir in a way…..but our salary is still the same, them never increase our salary…”


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