September 30, 2023
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Miss Chikaima Egejuru Authors First Book “Losses Of Distractions ”




A journey of a thousand miles they say , begins with a step.

This little girl has joined the league of youngest Nigerian Talented kid authors.

Her name is Miss Chikaima Assumpta Egejuru,a graduating pupil of  basic six from Attainers kiddies Montessori School Okeira Ogba Ikeja.

She is a native of Isiala Oboh Isiala Osuama Mbano Imo state.



Her first book  THE LOSSES OF DISTRACTIONS was unveiled yesterday in her school, Attainers kiddies Montessori School Okeira Ogba.

According to her during the interview by our correspondence, she was inspired by the pathetic stories of roads  , domestic accident caused by Distractions from several things which she painstakingly put down in her book.she said that she begged her dad to publish her first book during her graduation party yesterday  23rd July 2022  before she gets into a new secondary school.

She really gave credit and appreciation to the school who has made great impact in her life.

She advised every parents, to discover their children and never allow any form of Distractions to step in.

Her new book is very educative and instructional,and can be read by children and adults drivers  because of the message it carries mostly to Nigerian drivers,Teachers and Children.

Chikaima’s early interest and hubbies includes , cooking, plaiting hair, singing ,  writing inspirational stories  and teaching her toys.





Whenever she comes back home ,she began to demonstrate her teachers style of teaching.

As small as she is ,her dream is to reach out to people via books and public speaking.

According to her,she said that one day she told her dad to put her picture at the back of a book cover  but her dad told her that she has to be a writer and author.


She then told her dad to use his little stories to make a story book for her.

Her School proprietress Mrs Mary Emezie and her Head Mistress  Miss Ijeoma and her dad has to compile her manuscript together to give her a book . Miss Ijeoma also commented about Chikaima’s new found love of writing at tender age.

They prayed for her and wished her well in her Secondary School .

Chikaima’s hubby include, Cooking, Writing, reading story book , Dancing, Singing, Teaching Toys and Children etc


She is a kid motivational speaker and has also presented  and represented her school in so many competitions.

She can be contacted through her parents 08166775049,

08034192727 or





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  1. Egejuru Kenneth
    31st Jul 2022 Reply

    Kudos to Al the management of Top News oñlne magazine,your news are really going viral

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