November 14, 2023
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Guide on How to Apply for and Obtain UK Student Visa Without Hassles



Nigerians are increasingly looking to relocate to new countries for better life and can exploit every avenue to do so


Recent research shows that the United Kingdom has reviewed its visa policy for students and released the new measures


According to the report, students needing to relocate to the country will require a number of documents and meet certain criteria


Recently, reports emerged that the United Kingdom has granted medical licenses to 266 Nigerians who relocated to that country in search of greener pasture.


The rush by Nigerians to leave the country has made countries around the world develop special immigration laws which allow for seamless application for visas to their respective countries.


Yearly, Nigerians in their thousands apply for a UK visa in different classes. Some get turned down for various reasons.


One of the hardest things about getting rejected upon applying for a UK visa is the opportunity of not having to apply again very soon.


One of the ways to obtain your UK student visa is to prepare and follow the tips.

Research online


One of the surest ways of obtaining student visas without hassles is to research your visa type.


Ensure you Google your category of visa properly and also research the requirements for your course of study



Contact reliable agents

You require the services of a reliable visa agent or consultant who provide adequate guidance on how to go about your plans to avoid disappointment.



To successfully scale the visa hurdle, you need at least two years of validity on your passport and a ready financial document.


A robust bank account is key


Ensure that your account is adequately funded to avoid being refused in the event of scrutiny.


According to the rules, a single student will require between 12,000 pounds to 15,000 pounds outside London.


Single students plus dependents need between 12,000 pounds to 15,000 pounds, including living expenses per dependent.


Proof of funds should not be above N35 million, according to a report by Nairametrics.


You will need proof of admission and document used in securing it like an undergraduate certificate or a secondary school certificate.


In case of a change of name, you will need to provide a genuine affidavit.


Reports say you do not need proof of language like IELTS when applying for a visa as your sponsor such as the university may have confirmed it.




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