British monarch Queen Elizabeth II has passed away leaving the world in surprise and mourning mood


But for one man who is a voodoo practitioner, the news is only a confirmation of what he has had since one year ago


The man, @orunmilavd, predicted on August 24, 2021, that the queen was going ki ck the bucket on September 8


A voodoo practitioner predicted the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the longest-serving British monarch.


Queen Elizabeth has passed away after 70 years on the throne. Her passing was announced on the evening of Thursday, September 8, 2022.


According to an official statement from the British Royal Family, Queen Elizabeth passed on peacefully at Balmoral earlier in the afternoon.


Following the news of the Queen’s demise, it has emerged that a Twitter user known as @orunmilavd had predicted the death one year ahead.


In a tweet shared on August 24, 2021, @orunmilavd who account bio indicates he is a voodooist predicted that the British monarch was going to pass away on September 8.



“The Queen of England will die on September 8 I see this date hovering above her, continue not to believe in voodoo you will see,” his tweet which was written in French said.



Moments after Queen Elizabeth’s demise was announced, the voodooist tweeted that while he could predict the date, he was not able to know the time and reason.


“You can’t act or influence, just predict, know in advance with sometimes a nice margin of error. There I was not able to know the time or the reason.”


Queen Elizabeth was 96 years old. She has been succeeded on the throne by her eldest child Prince Charles, who is now King Charles III.




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