September 30, 2023
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5 surprising facts about Queen Elizabeth II



Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, popularly known as Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth states, ruled for seven decades and over two hundred days till the 8th of September, 2022, when she died peacefully in her home.



Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth IIbecame the longest British reigning monarch and the longest female head of state ever recorded in history, longer than Queen Victoria, her great, great grandmother.


Although the Queen was the face of the United Kingdom, even the longest reigning monarch had quite some interesting facts about her

Originally born on the 21st of April,1926. The official birthday celebrations were held on the 11th day in June. The tradition of having two birthdays started with King George II in 1748, who, because of the bad weather on his birthday in November, decided to celebrate later in the year.

The Queen, alongside her sister, was homeschooled and taught all they needed to know about the constitution, foreign affairs, religion, history and French etc. Rather than being in a four-walled institution, the Queen was tutored by the British finest.



Queen Elizabeth II was the only UK citizen permitted to drive without a driver’s license. Once in a while, the Queen is seen hopping into her jaguar or land rover, going for a joy ride. She enjoyed driving even in her old age.


The Queen, until her recent ailment, was known to be a lover of champagne. She would start her day with a mix of gin and cocktail. For lunch, she will take her meal with a glass of champagne and, before bed, have another glass of wine or champagne again.

The people of Wales gifted the then Princess Elizabeth a house. It was situated on the grounds of the Royal Lodge in Windsor.

Although bound by the laws and rules of the royal monastery, It’s safe to say that the late monarch still managed to live an interesting and exciting life.



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