September 16, 2023
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Diamond on Queen Elizabeth’s Crown Stolen From Africa? Actual Facts Emerge, And Its Worth



There have been debates about the diamond on the Crown of Queen Elizabeth II, which sat atop her coffin as she lay in state


According to reliable information, the diamond was obtained in South Africa as a gift to Kind Edward VII on his birthday


But South Africans believe that the precious stone was stolen from them in 1905 when the British ruled them


Queen Elizabeth would rest on Monday, September 19, 2022. Her remains have been displayed where royals and people from all works of life are paying their last respect.


One of the prominent features of Queen Elizabeth’s death is the Crown sitting atop her coffin and the diamond embedded in it.


South Africans demand return of the diamond


There has been a growing agitation by the government of South Africa to the British Crown states that the 500-carat clear diamond cut from a more extensive piece be returned.


The calls for repatriation intensified with the death of Queen Elizabeth II. South Africans believe the diamond needs to be returned because it was stolen and given to the royal family.


The precious rock came from a mine in South Africa in 1905. It is also known as the Cullinan I or the Great Star of Africa. The former colonial rulers who ruled South Africa had gifted it to the British royal family and put it in the royal sceptre of the Queen.


Reports say the South African media and many other South Africans are asking that the diamond be returned to them.



The petition demanding the return of the diamond to South Africa has gotten about 6,000 signatures.


A South African lawmaker, Vuyolwethu Zungula, insisted on the return of all precious rocks and gold and reparation for all the ills the British had caused while ruling South Africa.


The precious rock was sent to Asscher of Amsterdam to be cut into the shape in 1908 after it was presented to Britain’s royal family.


Worth billions of dollars


Some jewelers have estimated it to be worth between £3 billion and £5 billion, with the 317-carat Cullinan II (the diamond at the centre of the piece) alone being estimated at £400 million.


The diamond weighed about 3,06 carats. According to claims by the Royal Ascher, it was given to King Edward VII as a birthday gift by the Transvaal government, which bought it from someone.


The diamond was cut into several pieces of different sizes, and two smaller sizes were named the Great Star of Africa and the smaller one named the Smaller Star of Africa. The smaller stone was placed on the Crown of the monarch. The Queen has been painted in many portraits with diamonds.


Britain has pledged to return a few artefacts to Nigeria stolen in a military operation in 1897.




Diamond on Queen Elizabeth’s Crown Stolen From Africa? Actual Facts Emerge, And Its Worth

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    19th Sep 2022 Reply

    It was never stolen from a south african
    Its sour grapes by eff mallema

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