November 14, 2023
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Ogun state Government,Mr. Kayode Fagbohun, Permanent Secretary,Ogun state ministry of Chieftaincy affairs and Mr Lukman Opaleye, Ado-odo/otta Local government Chieftaincy affairs office trying to cause another Agosasa turmoil in Ado-odo



Ado-Odo has a subsisting Chieftaincy declaration gazetted in 1957. Osolo is chairman of Ado-Odo kingmakers.

Oba Muftau Agbogulori-Dosunmu,the Osolo of Isolo, Ado-odo was installed in 2011 and upgraded to coronet Oba in 2019 by the Ogun state government. Since the chieftaincy declaration has not been reviewed, he remains a kingmaker and coronet Oba as it applies to the
four kingmakers in Ota – Ajana, Onikosi, Onikotun, Akogun (Oloruba).

In 2018, the Orita-merin comprising the four indigenous quarters of Ado-odo had appealed for the upgrading of traditional chiefs/kingmakes/Baales to coronet Obas. This was also part of the recommendations of the Dr
Ibrahim’s committee to the Ogun State Government.

But it was very unfortunate that the same instruments of law that made Oba Muftau Agbogulori a Coronet king by the Ogun state government has now been turned into an instrument to victimize him after series of harassments and detention by the police upon the orders of Mr Kayode Fagbohun,the Permanent Secretary of Ogun state ministry of Chieftaincy affairs and it has also led to Mr Lukman Opaleye of the Ado-odo/otta local government council to advice the Council’s DGSA and HOLGA not to recognize the Certificates issued by both the Ogun state and Ado-odo/otta local government.

Consultation has been on-going at different levels, formally and informally.

Ado-Odo Stakeholders meeting came up on Friday, 7th October, 2022 at Ado-Odo/Ota Local Government Secretariat. Hon. Sheriff Musa, the Chairman, Secretary, HOLGA, DGSA with other senior staff met with representatives of Ado-Odo community comprising Alhaji B. A. Alagbe, Alhaji (Chief) R. O. Akinola, Alhaji Wale Hassan, Engr. M. Alade Jimoh, Pa Abudu Fagbemi, Prince Wasiu Akinde, Chief Wasiu Rufai, Princess Temitope Akapo, Prince (Dr) M. I. Kareem, Baale Abila Ajayi, Oluwagbemiga Alagbe, Dr. M. A. Ibrahim, Dr Femi Dosumu, Chief R. Ogunola, Baale Jaye Jimoh and Chief Rasaki Igbasojude.

Majority rejected the present kingmakers’ list as constituted by the government,a list that was compiled by Mr Fagbohun with the advice of Mr Opaleye without consultations with the people of Ado-odo.

In the stakeholders meeting,it was explained that the composition is at variance with Ado-Odo Chieftaincy declaration gazetted in 1957. The Local government Chairman and the Council DGSA had stated had said the Osolo of Isolo, Ado-odo was not included because he had some outstanding issues yet to be resolved with the State Government.

The council officials were made to understand that the 1957 chieftaincy declaration subsists and since it has not been reviewed, Osolo remains a kingmaker as well as a coronet Oba and Chairman of the kingmakers/traditional chiefs,all with certificates given by the same levels of Government that had been victimizing him by arresting him and also striking his name out of the list of Ado-odo Kingmakers.

In 2018, Ado-odo Bajomo ruling house nominated Oba Musiliu Olabisi Odunaro as Bajomo expecting Oba Akanni to return home. Like Oba Mufutau Agbogunlori-Dosumu, Oba Musiliu Olabisi Odunaro was appointed coronet Oba in 2019. Alongside other coronet Obas across the State, they won a court case against the State government in 2021 and till date,the judgement have not been appealed by the Ogun state government.

Apart from the fact that said Ira, Timothy Akinbo, erroneously listed as the Chairman is number 4 kingmaker on the chieftaincy declaration, Timothy Adedire Akinbo is yet to conclude the traditional rites and was not issued any certificate of appointment by Oba Akanni while alive.

Isiaka Musibaudeen also listed in the list that is about to cause another Agosasa like crisis is not a member of Ijomu
ruling house and was at
no time nominated by the Bajomu chieftaincy family for the title. Oba Akanni could not have made him the Bajomo unknown to the head and other principal members of the family.

Tajudeen Adekunjo, a cousin to Isiaka Musibaudeen is not also the Ogailu because Oke-Osi
did not make him one and
the Oba could not at any time unilaterally impose him as Ogailu Oke-Osi without the consent of other core-stakeholders of Oke-Osi.


Therefore, Timothy Adedire, Isiaka Musibaudeen and Tajudeen Adekunjo are impostors and usurpers and cannot be kingmakers to the community.

It was also made known at the stakeholders meeting that the trio were fugitives holding on to fake certificates purportedly issued by the late Olofin of Ado-odo which had never been submitted to both the State or local government authorities for forensic investigation by law enforcement agents even after been summoned to appear before the Ogun state house of Assembly twice and the Nigerian Police area command,they have remained fugitives running from the law aided by the antics of the Ogun state Permanent Secretary for Chieftaincy affairs and other government officials.

Also, efforts made at the meetings of Yewa Traditional Council in March as well as the activities of “ori-ẹgbẹ́ ìbílẹ̀ orita merin” and Ado-Awori Elders Council in conjunction with the ANC were narrated at the meeting. The Ado-odo/otta local government Chairman,Hon Sheriff Musa however let the stakeholders know that they are acting on directives from the Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs,mainly Mr Kunle Fagbohun who had been writing letters up and down supposedly with the authority of the Ogun state government and would have to report back. He added that he wished Ado to have Olofin on the throne as soon as possible in view of the financial commitment of the Local to Yewa Traditional Council. However, the majority of the stakeholders present said they will prefer that the matter is resolved once and for all to avoid any pitfall thereafter.


It has also been gathered that a certain Chief Rahmon Ogunola,the Ajiroba of Ado-odo in connivance with some ministry officials,Musibau Semiu Ademola from Iwo and other individuals had purportedly gone around the ministry of Chieftaincy affairs with a doctored Ado-odo gazette making him,the Ajiroba,Seriki and others the Ado-odo Kingmakers while leaving the IRA out of their own copy of the gazette.

The meeting with Okewaye ruling house which had initially been initially slated to hold immediately after the stakeholders meeting was rescheduled for next week Wednesday because of the storm created by majority created by majority of the Ado-odo stakeholders who made the local government officials know that Mr Kayode Fagbohun,the Permanent Secretary for the ministry of Chieftaincy affairs and Mr Opaleye of the Ado-odo/otta local government Chieftaincy affairs were bent on setting Ado-odo on fire for whatever reasons known to them just like Agosasa at a time that the good people of Ado-odo were coming together to vote massively for Prince DAPO Abiodun and other APC candidates.

The Ado-odo people had long been victimized by this people who have been hell-bent on creating issues where there are none by going ahead to issue out Chieftaincy certificates purportedly gotten through Barrister Moruf Ajibade,the Late Olofin’s Secretary and the Iwo born Semiu Ademola. They have been getting state and local government recognition based on the advice of Mr Fagbohun and Mr Opaleye respectively, especially the BAALES. The Certificates in question have never been seen the light of day till date neither has it been ever presented to security agencies has requested till date for forensic investigations because it has been clearly established that the signatures on the certificates were different from the late Olofin’s signature and this certificates have been used to criminally subjugate the Ado-odo people till date.

Adedire Timothy Akinbo had even gone ahead with some hooligans to beat the Ado-odo town crier on Monday 10th of October claiming that the state government through the permanent secretary of Chieftaincy affairs had handed over him the leadership and control of the entire Ado-odo into his hands.


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