Honourable Chairman, the District Director of Education, Zikpuitor Mama Egbo (11), our venerable  Headmaster(s), Honourable Assemblywoman , Hard working  Teachers, PTA executive, Students, Parents and the general public, Torgbuiwo, Mamawo, Dumegawo, Comrades, and all protocols observed!


It is with great joy and honour that we stand before you today to see our father’s dream In action through the collaborative efforts of J Dorgbetor Foundation, the school authorities and the community.


Background of the Foundation


The John Dorgbetor Foundation was established in memory of our late Father, John DK Dorgbetor whose desire was to give every child the best education opportunity and promote Community Development. He lost his father at age 5 and had to work his way out to educate himself to become a civil engineer. He understood the struggles and the obstacles he faced while climbing the ladder and never wished any child go through such ordeal.  He always said to us “ I wont build houses for you, but i will give you something nobody can take from you and that is to invest in educating all of you my children to the highest level possible. A man who became education advocate, encouraging the young to go to school. John did not die with this passions but inculcated it in his children to support others in school. Today we are so glad to see the foundation progressing and fulfilling our late Fathers vision.


Today Marks the 5 Annual Celebration and awards of 30 best students from Primary to the JHS and recognition of great teacher efforts towards improving the lives of our young ones.


The Theme chosen for this year’s occasion is Changing Lives through quality education.


I will like to say to our younger ones that your future is in your hands, what you do today will definitely impact your future. Take advantage of all educational opportunities  including the support we are providing to secure your  future.


Parents, I want to thank you for your continual support and wish to put on record that we last mentioned child labour on our farms as not only a  criminal offence, but an act that negatively impacts the future of your children, and i am told this is changing. Thank you.


We wish to urge all parents to get on board by encouraging our children to take advantage of the Government’s free education because it is the best insurance policy for your children and for yourselves at old age.


Please  Lets discourage them from going to farm during school periods.


We wish to salute our hardworking Teachers and to urge them to continue to play their crucial roles in teaching and bringing the best qualities out of these future leaders. If our Town must change for good,  it certainly must start by preparing these young ones to be good and productive citizens tomorrow.


Interestingly, I have been appointed the Development Committee Chairman for Agbogbla, also a member of the Agave Development Planning Team and Agave UK. It is our humble expectation that  all stakeholders ( traditional rulers, parents, teachers, students and Government ) will play their roles in putting Agbogla on the map through the raising of quality and excellent future leaders to lead in the generations to come.



*Some Interventions *


As you may be aware, we have provided every student in the high school with a new mono desk,

we have provided the primary school with a set of playground equipments, and

We have provided the High School with 10 Computers.

We have also provided the head teachers of the primary and High Schools with Laptops.

We have refurbished and secured a building for use as Computer Lab named after Late John Dorgbetor

We have also provided the Agbogbla community including the two schools with 30 New street lights and also repaired some faulty ones.

We have established Division 3 football team in Agbogbla who will be playing the league this season.


*We have also awarded all students who placed first to third in both JHS and primary,  today Marks the 5 ANNUAL AWARDS *


We have also motivated our teachers.



  1. We will today reward the hard work of 30 students from primary and JHS as a motivation for every child to study hard


  1. We will also motivate the Teachers, by Commencing the best teacher award to be selected by pupils. 6 teachers will be recognised. (three Primary & Three JHS teachers)


The JD foundation together with the district education officer/ headteachers, will conduct the survey  to select the deserving winners in the future


  1. We will start the construction of new Marker Boards in all classrooms
  2. Provide the School with Some learning materials like Globe,  Chalk board Instrument etc
  3. Next week we are at Dastech providing computer lab and other stuff to support the school



Remember we are open to ideas to help you perform better.

Being the chair of Dev Committee, we are working on bringing businesses to the area and will like to use this medium to ask stakeholders to encourage our efforts not become a stumbling block..

JD Foundation – will do all we can to provide the means for improvement.


To remember our father’s work perpetually,  we  are discussing the construction of a new school structure comprising of classrooms, library staff common room and head teachers office for The Agbogla Junior High School as their current one is far below standard for safety and quality education which we stand for.


In the mean time, we are going to support certain minor refurbishment of the current structure to put in a better shape whilst we complete arrangements for the new one.


Chief of Dabala, Honourable Chairman, District Director of education and all present, we want to thank you for coming to grace this occasion.


God bless us all.



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