To be a victim of fraud can be one of the most painful experiences, especially after spending years to build


While there are various ways fraud can be perpetrated, one of the most common and the easiest is the use of fake alert


The most recent industry fraud report from NIBSS data shows how Nigerians lost over N5 billion to fraudsters


In recent years, there has been a huge spike in the number of fraudulent cases, and this has become a source of concern for the Central Bank of Nigeria.


In an industry fraud report by the Nigeria Inter-Bank Settlement System Plc (NIBSS) it was detailed that in a nine month period, fraudsters attempted attacks 46,126 times, and they were successful on 41,979 occasions.


This represents a 91% successful rate, amounting to a N5.2 billion lost to bank customers.


The report also showed that N550 million have been earlier stolen by fraudsters in the first nine months of 2019.

How bank customers are falling victims to fraudsters


According to NIBSS data, the easiest fraud attempts were carried out via the web followed by mobile channels, ATMs, and Point of Sale.

What information do these fraudsters need?



As earlier stated fake alert is one-way fraud is perpetrated. In a report by Nigerian Tribune, there are certain apps these criminals utilize to carry out their activities. Here is how to Avoid falling victim.



Check out for misspellings.


Check the credit alert you received if it contains your bank

The real bank alert will show you how much you had before the alert and after the alert.

Have a precise knowledge of how much was in your account

If you get an email alert, check the email source and ensure it comes from your bank’s official account


Check the authenticity of the mobile app used.





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