November 14, 2023
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Here’s how Peter Obi plans to deal with terrorism and banditry if elected



In his manifesto, Peter Obi, the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party promised to deal with terrorists and bandits decisively.



Peter Obi, the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party has promised to deal decisively with terrorists and bandits in Nigeria.



In the 72-page document, titled “It’s Possible: Our Pact with Nigerians”, the former governor of Anambra state and his running mate, Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed stated their action plans for Nigerians with a promise to offer competent and honest leadership.

The document highlighted the Labour Party’s seven priorities for governing the country among which is a plan to address the unending insecurity in the country.

Since 2010, Nigeria has been battling with insecurities ranging from terrorism, kidnapping, banditry as well as militancy.

As the spate of insecurity continues to grow over the years, successive administrations kept Nigerians’ hope alive with a promise to deal with the menace.


But all efforts to address the issue does not seem to have yielded expected positive results as terrorism, banditry and kidnapping became a business perpetuated by criminal elements across the country.

However, top of the seven priorities in the Labour Party’s manifesto is Obi’s plan to end insecurity and unite Nigerians.


To secure the country, Obi promised to deal decisively with insecurity putting a permanent end to the incessant banditry, insurgency, kidnaping and cross-border terrorism in Nigeria.

According to the document, it is stated that Obi would take the following action to address insecurity in the country.


. Activate all the necessary regional co-operations and arrangements for securing our borders with neighboring countries in west and central Africa, particularly Niger, Chad, and Cameroun.


. Increase the personnel of our armed forces, police and other security agencies and optimally equipp, train, and fund them to respond adequately to security threats;

. Deploy state-of-the-art military technology to fight terrorists, bandits, insurgents and kidnappers;

. Recreate community relations with security agencies in order to increase public trust and build human intelligence to restore law and order in the communities.

Policing: The Labour Party manifesto seeks to establish state police to create a secure society “that reduces the social pressure for crimes and provides viable livelihood for the youths”.

Collaborations: Obi also promises to engage, support, and partner, with national and sub-national institutions and governments and network them into an integrated and reinforced onslaught against insecurity.

As stated in the manifesto, this requires decentralized and professional management of security institutions and the use of grant-in-aid to encourage efficient criminal justice administration at subnational levels, namely, state, local government and community security administration.

To deal with cross-border crimes, we will also adjust security modalities to address gaps and vulnerabilities arising from our obligations under the ECOWAS Protocol on the Movement of Persons”



Institutional Reforms: This aspect of the plans consists of four initiatives that would be pursued simultaneously. The initiatives are:

. Reforming the security sector, with particular emphasis on re-focusing the military on external threats and border protection, and the police on internal security threats and law enforcement.

. Swift, firm and fair prosecution of criminals, bandits and terrorists to end impunity.

. Enhanced coordination among security agencies to enhance operational efficiency.

. Fair and transparent administration of justice hinged on the rule of law.

Strengthening Security Agencies: The policy document also captures a plan to improve the functioning and effectiveness of the Nigerian security agencies particularly the police by strengthening their civilian oversight as well as increasing their size, equipment, funding, and enhancing their professional training.

Zero Tolerance for Impunity: Finally, Obi vowed that to guarantee protection of innocent Nigerians, his administration would not spare any criminal.

“All criminals are equal and will be equally prosecuted and punished. No persecution; no privilege. The same law for the rich and the poor, the powerful and the powerless”. the document stated.


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