September 29, 2023
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List of New Courses NUC Approves For Nigerian Universities






The NUC has just approved about 6 courses for Nigerian universities, in which students would be admitted to study these courses in the institutions

The NUC executive secretary, Professor Abubakar Rashed has said that the new core curriculum and academic standards followed a review of the existing benchmark

Some of the new courses include cyber security, a course that individuals and organisations now look forward to get its graduates


The National Universities Commission (NUC) inaugurated a committee in 2023 to create the new core curriculum and minimum academic standards for universities.

According to The Punch, the committee constituted experts from various disciplines in Nigerian universities.


Professor Abubakar Rasheed, the executive secretary of the NUC, disclosed that the new core curriculum and minimum academic standards came into existence after a thorough review of the benchmark minimum academic standards that Nigerian universities are using.

Below is the list of the new courses:



This is a course that will allow the students to understand the rudiment of the protection of internet-connected systems including the hardware, software, and data from internet threats.

Across the world, individuals and organisations now employ the practice to protect their information again unauthorised access or intruders.



Data Science

This includes preparing, exploring and visualising data.

Data scientists collect and analyse data for information to remain authentic and genuine.

Information and Communication Technology

This is an umbrella term for a diverse set of technological tools and resources used in transmitting, storing, sharing or exchanging information.

Nigerian universities will now offer this course for interested individuals. Other courses are information systems, software engineering and computer science.




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