2023 polls: Full list of top 10 safest states in Nigeria



The bane of insecurity in Nigerian has become one of the most frequent conversations amongst Nigerians for almost a decade



New statistics released on Sunday, January 8 has revealed the top ten safest states in Nigeria


Ekiti state of southwest Nigeria topped the list having recorded six deaths caused by insecurity for the year 2022


As Nigeria enters into the penultimate month of the much-anticipated 2023 general elections, Nigerians are filled with anxiety and uncertainties over the state of insecurity.


Insecurity has often become a trend as there have been a series of attacks in some states in time past due to electoral violence.


Similarly, worrying issues like banditry, terrorism and inter-communal clashes have over the years been prevalent in Nigeria.


However, new statistics released by StatiSense on Sunday, January 8 have revealed some of the safest states in Nigeria.




According to the data released by StatiSense, only 10 states out of the 36 states of the federation made the final cut for the top ten safest states in Nigeria.


Criteria for safest state


The data analysis agencies based their stats on the state with the lesser number of deaths caused by insecurity for the year 2022.


Surprisingly, the list contained five northern states, four southwest states and three south-south states.


The chart was topped by Ekiti state in the southwestern part of Nigeria which recorded only 6 deaths in 2022 as a result of insecurity.


Shockingly, another southwest state (Oyo) completed the log and recorded the highest number of deaths (46) by violence.

Below is the list of safest states in Nigeria


  1. Ekiti State

With a record of six death caused by insecurity in 2022 the southwest state top the list of the safest among the 36 states of the federation.


Ekiti over the years has been known for its non-violent traits as even displayed at state gubernatorial polls in June 2022.


Electoral stakeholders and the international community regarded it as the most violent-free election in the history of Nigeria.


  1. Gombe State

The northeastern state created by the administration of late General Sani Abacha in 1996 made the list as the second safest state in Nigeria.


According to the latest statistics rolled out, the state recorded just 12 death by insecurity in 2022.


  1. Adamawa State. This is a surprising name on the list as the northeastern used to have a long history of insurgency.

As contained in the recent stats released, Adamawa recorded 17 deaths by insecurity for the year 2022.


  1. Kano state

The commercial hub of northern Nigeria and the most populated state in Nigeria according to the 2006 national census.


As contained in the statistics, Kano state recorded 17 deaths caused by insecurity in 2022.


  1. Jigawa state

Another northwestern state and the direct neighbour to Kano state made the list settling for the mid-table position with a record of 20 deaths caused by insecurity in 2022.



  1. Nasarawa state

The northcentral state also made the list of the safest state in Nigeria. Sharing boundaries to the east with Taraba and Plateau, to the north with Kaduna, to the south with Kogi and Benue, and to the west by the Federal Capital Territory, it recorded 20 deaths caused by insecurity.


  1. Akwa Ibom state

The first south-south state to make the list recorded 29 deaths caused by insecurity in the year 2022.



According to stats, Akwa Ibom is the safest state in the south-south region of Nigeria.



  1. Bayelsa state

The smallest state in Nigeria with just eight local governments made the list at the number eight spot with a record of 31 death caused by insecurity in 2022.


  1. Oyo state

The historical southwest state made the list as the ninth safest state in Nigeria in terms of adequate security and stability.


According to its mortality stats released for the year 2022, the southwest state recorded 41 deaths caused by insecurity.


  1. Osun state

The ancestral home of the Yoruba race of southwestern Nigeria made the final cut on the death spot with 46 death recorded due to insecurity.





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