Recruitment: Nigerian Immigration Releases Fresh Update for Job Applicants, cautions against scammers




Immigration job seekers have been cautioned against falling victim to scammers who are out to only make money off their ignorance





The advice was handed to those who applied for the Nigerian Immigration Service recruitment exercise


The service said that in due time when the board has taken a decision all successful candidates will be notified of the recruitment status


The Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) has said that it will inform candidates who participated in the services’ recent recruitment exercise.


In a series of tweets posted on the microblogging site, Twitter, the NIS said all applications are currently being organised and reviewed by the board of the service.



It also added that data submitted by applicants in their submitted forms will be cross-checked and verified for future use by the service.



According to the NIS, successful applicants who meet all the requirements would be contacted through the information provided on their application forms.


NIS said: “Data submitted by applicants in their forms would also be cross-checked and verified. Successful applicants who satisfy and meet all requirements would be contacted via the contact information submitted in their application forms.



“If and when the need arises, The Board would communicate the next steps via newspaper advertorials and, of course, The Service’s social media pages.”



The service further urged applicants to follow and monitor its social media pages and ensure they check their emails regularly.


It added:


“The Service also wishes to reiterate its impartial stance during the recruitment process. Please DO NOT pay anyone to “work” or “settle” any recruitment “runs”.”




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