October 1, 2023
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CBN Lists What Constitutes Abuse of Naira, Releases Phone Number to Report Abusers





The Central Bank of Nigeria has urged Nigerians to stop the abuse of Naira



The bank listed forms of naira abuses, including spraying, squeezing, and money bouquets, among other as forms of naira abuses


The bank also called Nigerians to use a dedicated hotline to report abusers of the banknotes in the country


The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) on Friday, February 10, 2023, listed what it considers abuse of the Naira, including money bouquets, as a form of naira abuse.


The bank disclosed this via a post on its Twitter handle, which listed forms of naira abuse.


Forms of naira abuse


The list includes spraying the Naira at parties and events, money gifts, known as money bouquets, and selling, squeezing, and defacing the currency notes.



The apex bank urged Nigerians to report the abuse of the banknotes and released a toll-free number for members of the public to report abusers of the banknotes.


The CBN has harped on respecting the Naira as a civic duty for all Nigerians.



The call was rejuvenated with the bank’s printing of new naira notes. In the message posted on Twitter, CBN said that reporting abusers of Naira are a civic responsibility.


“It is your civic duty to protect the Naira. Report Naira abuse today,” the bank said.




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