October 2, 2023
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Japa: 6 Important Documents You Must Have to Study In Canada





The Japa syndrome has become a common phenomenon in Nigeria parlance as it has become an escape from the country’s challenges




Some Nigerians have seen the opportunity of applying as international students in foreign universities as a means of leaving the country


For Nigerians who want to travel to abroad to study, there are 6 important documents such Nigerians must have


Many Nigerians have realised that one of the best ways to ‘japa’ out of this country is to go for international study, and Canada is one of their preferred destinations.


Many Nigerians migrate to Canada, where the country’s government has revealed that it will open its doors to 1.5 million migrants between 2023 and 2025.


Do you want to travel to Canada? Below is the list of 6 documents you will need to japa.


Valid Passport


Your passport is your identity card if you want to migrate to Canada. It tells the country you’re coming from and explain the legality of your migration.



Your own country is responsible for issuing a passport to you, and you can get it from the Nigeria Immigration Service.


Previous Degree Certificate


If you are an international student seeking admission into any Canadian university, you will be asked to upload a copy of your university certificate.



An o-level or diploma certificate will, however, be needed when applying for an undergraduate degree.




If you are seeking admission as an international student in Canada, especially for Masters, you will be asked to provide your academic transcript from your university in Nigeria.



Transcript of the record is very important when putting in for a university application abroad as it helps the higher institutions to gauge the candidate’s ability, qualification and understanding in a particular course.


Statement of Purpose


This is one document where you articulate your career goals and path, it helps Canadian universities choose the right candidates for the courses they offer.


A statement of purpose is a document where you will explain why you’re applying to the school and why you deserve to be admitted.


Reference Letter


This is a document required by most universities abroad. It is a recommendation letter from someone that knows you well and can vouch for your abilities.


The letter gives the university admission committee an insight into you as it remains a great tool to show your skills and abilities .


Evidence of English Language Proficiency i.e IELTS/TOEFL

Though many Africans can speak English, because the continent  not have a common language, you would need to prove to your university of preference in Canada that you understand the language.


Getting better scores in English language proficiency is very essential for both admission and applying for the visa.




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