List of Two Major Factors That Shaped 2023 Presidential Election



Following the just concluded 2023 presidential election, some factors has been discovered to have shaped the outcome of the polls.




Some of the factors can be described as human made while others are affected by unseen circumstances beyond the control of the actors of the election.


Here are two of the key factors


Election day operational challenges


The success of elections starts from the point of collecting election materials. According to electoral procedures, voting starts at 8:30am. However, INEC officials were not present at many polling units before 8:30am. Some of these issues are due to logistics.


This greatly affected the success of the election as it led to many voters leaving the polling unit without exercising their civic responsibility.




The 2023 election was affected by large turnout of youths who are unhappy with political leaders across the major political parties.


This led to massive turnout of youths at different polling units across the country. The endsars killing in Lekki also contributed to the large turnout.



Also, the money swap and economic policies of the federal government under President Mohammadu Buhari was another factor.


Vice President Yemi Osinbajo wins polling unit for APC


Meanwhile, the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo has delivered his own Polling Unit for the APC in today’s National elections featuring Presidential and National Assembly polls.



The VP voted in Ward One of the Ikenne Local Government Area in Egunrege which has two Polling Units. Osinbajo voted in Polling Unit 14, where APC came tops and also Polling Unit 3. APC won in both.



Of the 113 registered voters in the Polling Unit where the VP voted only 60 votes were cast showing a low turn out. Reports from the VP’S Ward indicate that most people didn’t come out to vote because of the disenchantment arising from how people in Ikenne still felt their son was unsightly denied the party’s ticket at the APC primaries in June 2022.


A member of the Egunrege community said “most of those who came out here to vote for APC only did so because of the VP. We wanted to show him the support.”





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