February 11, 2024
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5 reasons every small business should start selling on local.ng




As a small business owner, the goal is to sell more at little cost. So, whether you already have an online store (or not), taking your business to an online marketplace like Local.ng is one of the best ways to increase your sales right now.


Local.ng stands apart from other online marketplaces in many ways, mainly because it is an entirely free online shop for small business owners. In this article, we’ll share why Local.ng is perfect for your business and how to get started.

About Local.ng

Local.ng  is Nigeria’s Largest Online Shopping Platform. Users can buy the latest mobile phones, smartphones, appliances, electronics, appliances, women and men’s fashion, books, kiddies’ items, gadgets, meals, groceries, maternity essentials as well as the latest travel deals. The significant part of shopping on  is Local.ng that customers can pay via the Local.ng wallet , which guarantees the safest shopping experience.

It also features web and app versions, which means it caters to the needs of a wide range of customers with different shopping experiences.

Why Local.ng is Perfect for Small Businesses

While there are many options out there for small businesses to display their products, here are five reasons why many merchants now prefer to sell on Local.ng, and why you should too.



  1. Zero fees required

If you’ve ever been a seller on other online shopping platforms, you’ll know that they usually charge fees for registration, listings, commissions, and so on. Local.ng helps you to maximize your earnings by removing these charges and focus solely on providing value to your audience.



  1. Advertise your products for free

Another significant value you can gain from selling on Local.ng is the opportunity to promote your products on the platform at no extra cost. This way, cus tomers can quickly find your products without searching for long. Free ads mean less expenditure and hence, allow you to direct more resources in creating quality content that best sells your product.



  1. Customers who have access to funds

Through a loan product called Local.ng, Local.ng provides customers with loans to shop their favourite items when they don’t have the money.  Hence, Local.ng sellers enjoy a different kind of advantage – access to buyers with more spending power to buy your products.



  1. Sell to customers anywhere in Nigeria

By listing your products on Local.ng, you have access to a wide range of buyers from different places in the country. The online shop has an efficient nation delivery service that sends your orders to customers once payment is confirmed. The delivery service comes to pick up the goods right from your doorstep and straight to the buyer, ultimately removing the stress of personally looking for a delivery service to handle your courier.


  1. Optimize your marketing for broader reach

The Local.ng platform comes with built-in SEO features to make your marketing much more straightforward. Like any online shop, there’s often a lot of noise from vendors and buyers. This feature maximizes the relevant keywords to help you stand out and remain visible to people who need your product.




Final Thoughts

If you want to take your business to more customers while doing it at a lower cost, Local.ng is a great choice. The good thing is it doesn’t stop you from running a personal online business. If you also want a platform that offers adequate support to its vendors, you can do no wrong with Local.ng.

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