February 13, 2024
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6 Important Steps You Must Take After You Have Been Raped



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Being raped is traumatising yet most women and even girls are victims of sexual assault at least once in a llifetime.

In the event of a rape, Here are six steps you must take immediately.

1.Get to a safe place

The first thing you should do after you have been raped is get yourself to a safe place.

2.Tell someone or go to the police

Because of how dicey the issue of rape has become, its best to tell or confide in someone either a close friend or family friend as soon as it happens while it is still fresh.This person can help support your story and serve as a witness if you want to take it up legally.

3. Preserve Evidence

By all means do not wash, shower or bath immediately as you need all the evidence to buttress your case. It may be hard because all you want to do is clean up yourself by doing this may destroy evidence like blood, hair, semen etc.

4. Go to the Hospital








Your next point of call should be the hospital. Go to the nearest hospital to have your injuries treated and have a rape kit/test done. They also do a pelvic exam and check for STD’s. They also administer the morning after pill to prevent pregnancy.


You will also be given an HIV test and if it is negative you will be given antiretroviral treatment for 28 days to prevent contracting HIV. This is called post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP).

5. Decide if you want to report to the police


You do not have to decide immediately whether to report the rape to the police. If you decide to report the rape to the police, then you should go to your nearest police station where the officers must take your statement. The police will take you to a health centre where you will receive medical attention and undergo a forensic examination. If you do not report the rape, you can go directly to a health centre to get these services.



6. Seek counselling

Being raped can tamper with your emotional and mental health so its best to seek counselling as early as possible to help get over the trauma.



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