March 2, 2024
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8 Ways To Make Money During The Coronavirus Pandemic







The Coronavirus pandemic has brought a lot of changes globally especially on the impact of jobs.

In the wake of the epidemic, millions of people have lost their jobs or having to manage a salary cut.

A third of people in the UK have been economically affected, with under-25s and women worst off.

What this means is that there is an urgent need to make ends meet.

In order not to be left stranded, here are ways you can make additional cash this period.

1.Freelance Writing


How To Make Money


Have great writing skills, what better time to start than during lockdown? While a lot of online writing jobs don’t pay, there are still quite a few websites where you can make money by creating high quality, relevant content.

Examples of freelance websites include Fiverr, Upwork,

2. Cooking Food/Baking



Food is the most important thing for everyone right now because it’s needed for survival.

If you have a great flair or you can cook great meals and bake too, this is the best time to make some coins for your gift.

You can start by telling family and friends about it and encourage them to give reviews which will further help you get new customers.

You can also teach people who are interested in learning new recipes.

3. Social Media Manager/Graphics

A lot of businesses and jobs have realized the need to be social media savvy due to the pandemic hence an increase in online presence.

Social media jobs are the in thing at the moment and the rewards are great.

You can also add graphics to it

4. Personal Shopper/Logistics

There is a huge demand for online shopping and logistics for this period especially as they work hand in hand.

If you are goof with market runs, then you can try your hands on this.

5. Online Tutoring

Since schools are closed, there is a great need for online tutors by parents for their children.

If you have in-depth knowledge around a particular subject, great communication skills, and feel that you have the right temperament to keep your students engaged and nurture their interest, there are lots of online tutoring websites that can link up tutors with students.




6. Blogging/podcasting

Even though it may not bring cash immediately, podcasting and blogging can help you build a platform that can pay off in the long term.

Popular websites and blogs earn hundreds if not thousands through affiliate marketing, advertising, and brand partnerships.

All you need to get started is your medium of choice – be that Instagram, YouTube, your own website, or a podcast.


All you need is a smartphone and something to say and you’re on your way.

7. Fitness Coach



With so many stuck at home away from their usual gyms now is a great time for those with fitness certification to take their talents online.

A lot of women are also struggling with weight gain as a result of the lockdown and want to get fit as soon as possible before they resume work.

8. Virtual Assistant

If you’re a good communicator, have strong digital skills, and excellent organisational skills, you could work as a virtual assistant.

You will need to accurately type at a speed of 80-100 wpm, work well remotely, and adjust to the needs of the business or person that you are assisting, but this is one of the more long-term and reliable options to make additional money during lockdown.














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