March 1, 2024
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Adaf Foundation Fires Back At Singer Portable For Propagating Drug Abuse



The influence of Nigeria Artist on social media and filming industry propagating drug abuse is becoming more alarming.


According to a viral video of a popular Nigerian Singer and writer, Habeeb Olalomi Oyegbile a.k.a Portable during an interview section.


Convener of Anti Drug Abuse Foundation ADAF, Olayiwola Ibrahim called for immediate correction, caution and sensitization of this video made by portable on a statement issued by him “CANADIAN LOUD”.


Olayiwola stated that despite all effort by the Federal government of Nigeria, NDLEA, NGOs and others on sensitizing the youths against any form of drug abuse, drug addictions and drug trafficking, it is not expected of portable to give such an awkward speeech as a form propagating Drug abuse openly.


He should serve as a good patron to the campaign against the abuse of drug and not adding to it because who never can tell how worst such video would affect the teenager of the country by going into drug in a modern form.



ADAF Convener urges all Nigerian Artist, Nigerian movie practitioners, to desist from being a victim to propagate drug drugs especially using them as Props while filming nor having them as fun publicly on social media.

I hope Mr portable can retract his act with an apology on the statement issued on CANADIAN LOUD publicly by enjoining the youths to stay away from drug abuse, drug addictions and and drug trafficking.



Conclusively, all parents are advised to be a good parenting by giving adequate moral lessons, moral behavior and word of God to every children and also the need for all parents to be a modern technological parenting is very much important with the help of google care app which would help monitor all activities of children while at home, at school or anywhere.


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