March 3, 2024
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Akinyele Youth Advocacy Forum Condemn consistent killings in Akinyele local Government







Above named forum uses this medium to express their displeasure on “consistent killings in

Akinyele local government”. It has come our notice that for the past two months now that

Killings of akinyele resident is now increasing in which the killings does not set aside any age

Group e.g. Adult, teenager and young children are also involved. This consistent killings must

Ceased because the local government area has now become horror’s den in which the residents

Cannot be rest assured that the lives and property are fully secured, the resident are now living

In fear and panic, people of the area cannot move or send their children on an errand, why?

We are using this medium to call on all concerned government officials to take necessary steps

To curb the consistent killings in the jurisdiction and bring the penetrators before the law.

We are calling on his excellency, the executive governor should look into the affairs of consistent

Killings in our local government in fulfillment and execution of his primary assignment has cited

In the constitution and oath of office taken on may 2019 that  uphold him as the governor


Of oyo state.



We also urge the people’s governor to take all necessary action/steps to curb and protect the

People’s lives and property and also to channel his energy on security matters of the state,

Today it is akinyele local government we see, we don’t know the next local government it will


Affect, that is why we are pleading/urging the people’s governor to come aid of akinyele

Residents, the people are living in fear.

Injustice to one is injustice to all, we don’t know where the culprit will still operate tomorrow, if people’s

Governor doesn’t come to the aid of his people’s in akinyele local government, then akinyele residents will lose their trust in him.



Long live oyo state!!!

Long live akinyele local government!!!

Long live akinyele youth advocacy forum!!!


Ayaf president

Com. Emiola solomon


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