March 3, 2024
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American Supporter of Peter Obi Reveals What FBI Told Him about Bola Tinubu’s File




Jeffrey Guterman, an American supporter of Peter Obi, said the FBI denied his request for a file containing information about President-elect Tinubu due to the invasion of personal privacy



Guterman had sought more information about Tinubu’s $460,000 forfeiture following a 1993 drug trafficking case


The retired American mental health counselor said he will consider his next plan of actions the FBI suggested options he could explore


United States – Jeffrey Guterman, a supporter of Peter Obi, the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, said the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) denied his request to release a file containing information about President-elect Bola Tinubu.


Guterman, a retired American mental health counsellor, had sought more information on Tinubu’s $460,000 forfeiture following a drug trafficking case he had in the United States in 1993.


Why FBI rejected Guterman’s request

The FBI rejected Guterman’s request, citing the invasion of personal privacy of third-party individuals.


The American security agency also pointed out that Guterman’s request failed to comply with their terms of service.


In a Twitter post, Guterman shared the letter he received from the FBI, which stated that the existence of files on third-party individuals would neither be confirmed nor denied by the agency.


Guternman expresses concern over FBI’s reference to Tinubu’s full names

Meanwhile, Guterman noted that the FBI referred to Tinubu as “TINUBU, BOLA AHMED” in their letter, including his middle name, which he did not provide in his online submission.



He also mentioned that it was public knowledge that the FBI had a file on Tinubu for his $460,000 forfeiture to the US.


Although Guterman did not disclose his next plan of action, the letter from the FBI indicated that he could submit any questions by email, call their office, administratively appeal their decision within 90 days, or seek dispute resolution by email.



“I will now consider my next plan of action,” he said.


Guterman calls for Tinubu’s arrest


Meanwhile, ahead of the much-talked-about May 29 inauguration for the transition of a new government, Guterman called for the arrest of President-elect Tinubu.


The staunch supporter of the Labour Party’s presidential candidate Peter Obi, made the call on Friday, April 14, via his verified Twitter handle @JeffreyGuterman.


“Today would be a good day for Bola Tinubu to be arrested,” he tweeted.




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