March 3, 2024
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An Open Letter To The People Of Kano State By Hon Aliyu Abubakar




Dear Kanos
 I write to you all about the speech made by our governor which makes you upset. Honestly, it’s touching and not commendable.
Most of the citizens of Kaduna state are not in support of what he says let alone thinking of how to reticulate our heads. There is a divergence between Kaduna and Kano most especially when it comes to infrastructure and many other social amenities, and religion in general. Kaduna state is not luckious with a religious man considering how he becomes too strict on religious centers not be opened meanwhile markets are opened twice in a week.
Kano and Kaduna states governors are from the same political only that Kano state governor is sympathetic than Kaduna state governor.

I reckon that Kano and Kaduna people are brethrens and advice sharers not difference, criticism showers. We kaduna state people get you on our minds, not criticizing you or having any hard feeling at heart with you, I do hope this is what you will have for us in return. Please, let us not allow any meaninglessness issue accuse one another because we are friends forever.

Sympathize with us for having an unreligious and heartless governor.
Hon Aliyu Abubakar
Nigerian youth 4 leadership spokesperson
Hon Bashir Usman wazir
Co founder of Nigerian youth 4 leadership

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