February 28, 2024
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Are you having suicidal thoughts? Here are 7 things you need to know and do

If you are thinking of ending it all or you know someone who is, here’s what you need to know and do.

How to get rid of suicidal thoughts

While some people might have passive thoughts, like “Dying now won’t be so bad,” others might be experiencing active thoughts, like a clear voice telling them to just end it all and have peace. Suicide has far-reaching negative consequences for society.

It’s important to talk to a licenced healthcare professional when the thoughts creep in, but if you can’t, here are seven things you need to keep in mind:

It might feel like what you’re experiencing will never end, but nothing lasts forever, not even life. It’s only a temporary pain. You are not going to make it out of life alive, so don’t speed up the process. Know that there is still hope as long as you’re alive.


You are not the only person who feels or has ever felt that way; in short, some people have it worst but still garner strength. Don’t feel like the burden of the world is on your shoulders alone; no, it’s not.

Your life matters to so many people who love you and would be inconsolable if you were to die. These are the people with whom you should share your depressive and suicidal thoughts, and they’ll pull you out.


Yes, we love those big moments. The marriage, the graduation, the pregnancy and delivery, the new job, and the new car—those are great, but what of the little things? Like seeing your mother smile? Eating your favourite food? Sharing a joke with a friend? Watching the sunset? Life is not just about material possessions.

If you’re feeling hopeless and suicidal, don’t bottle it up; tell someone—anyone, even a random stranger. Give people the chance to pull you up; don’t wallow in negativity, but share how you are feeling.




Alcohol and substances can lead to addiction, which can be more harmful. That’s where hobbies come in. Devote yourself to something: crocheting, painting, playing football, joining a community online, volunteering for a charity, playing online games, gardening, partying with friends, or starting a blog online. Just do something.

Come up with a game plan. Don’t sit there, feeling sorry for yourself; do something. If you are single and you want to get married, think of how they will meet the love of your life. If you need a new job, what skills can you learn? If you need money, why don’t you share your challenges online and ask for help?


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