February 28, 2024
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Before you buy that car ask for its chassis number- Nairavin.com warns



Nairavin.com is an indigenous company that has helped many people in Nigeria to check a comprehensive report of the car they are about to buy. We do not expect anyone in Nigeria by now to still go and be buying car from any car dealership outlets without asking for a chassis or VIN Number of the car from the seller. Car dealer will not be happy with this as it seems we are trying to open up the secret of their business. We apologize, Why should you spend millions to buy car without understanding the genesis of that car? How will you know the car you are buying have a sound Engine? Intact Airbags? Right odometer/mileage? Do you also know the past users of the car? Do you know if the Air condition is working?NairaVin.com will help car buyers out here. Below is how it works and how you can benefit.




1.Log on to www.NairaVin.com

2.Sign up and create an account for yourself with a valid email.

3.Activate your account through the valid email.

4.Fund your account and get one VIN for free.

5.If you don’t have an account send us your VIN and make payment to our bank and we will send you the report within 2 minutes.


You will get a wallet where you can start funding your account.

Buy one VIN and get one for free.

One VIN or CHASSIS cost #2,000 compare to 10 dollars that is been sold online.





This is the first of its kind to buy for as low as 10 dollars. If you check online you can only get this as much as 10 dollars per one. Now we are on promo where you can get 1 and get your account credited with another 1 for free. The promo end in November, 2020.


This is an eye opener for those car lover who want to buy a new car either from auction or from the dealers. Please never buy any car without asking for the VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION NUMBER or CHASSIS NUMBER. Please call below and visit our website



Watch our you tube video.


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