March 3, 2024

C.J. Okoye: The Exemplary National Hero Earning Nigeria’s Highest Accolade



In a poignant testament to courage and altruism during tumultuous times, C.J. Okoye has emerged as a beacon of hope and service, illustrating unwavering dedication and selflessness towards the people of Nigeria, Canadians, and West Africans amid the daunting challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.



His exceptional endeavors not only merit acknowledgment but warrant Nigeria’s highest honor bestowed upon a citizen by the government.

C.J. Okoye’s altruistic actions and unparalleled achievements, notably in coordinating the repatriation of 610 Canadians and West Africans, chiefly Nigerians stranded far from home, distinctly outline the compelling rationale behind why the Nigerian government should confer upon him a national award:

  1. Exemplifying Humanitarian Spirit: Okoye’s swift and proactive response to assist when the Nigerian embassy faced hurdles in repatriating citizens showcased true humanitarianism. Collaborating with Globe Cargo Logistics Services and Worldwide Charter Services, he transformed what seemed insurmountable into a tangible reality.
  2. Life-Saving Efforts: His meticulous planning and execution of the repatriation efforts ensured the safe return of 610 individuals during the critical phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, with no reported cases of the virus linked to the flights. His actions undoubtedly saved lives.
  3. Symbolizing National Pride: As a Nigerian-Canadian, Okoye embodies the strengths of both nations. His actions served as a testament to his strong ties with Nigerian heritage while spotlighting the global impact Nigerian citizens can have. Recognizing his achievements would instill a sense of national pride.
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  5. Entrepreneurial Acumen: Leveraging his entrepreneurial background, Okoye ventured into a new sector, passenger transportation, and orchestrated the successful repatriation flights. His adaptability and innovative approach are qualities worthy of celebration and encouragement.
  6. Financial Relief and Unity: By facilitating the repatriation, Okoye’s efforts alleviated the Canadian government of substantial expenses, redirecting funds to other critical pandemic-related areas. His actions not only reunited families but also unified people through compassion and collective action.
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  8. Setting Remarkable Records: Okoye’s feat in orchestrating the unprecedented repatriation flights between Toronto and Lagos stands as a unique record. His achievement, amid an often taken-for-granted aviation landscape, is truly exceptional and deserving of recognition.

In light of C.J. Okoye’s extraordinary contributions to the welfare of Nigerian citizens, Canadians, and West Africans, it is imperative that the Nigerian government considers honoring him with a national distinction. Such a gesture would not only pay tribute to his outstanding accomplishments but also serve as an inspiration for others to emulate, embracing values of compassion, resourcefulness, and resilience. C.J. Okoye epitomizes the essence of a national hero, and the time is ripe to bestow upon him the esteemed recognition he rightfully deserves.

By Chukwuka Valentine Igwe


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