February 27, 2024
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CBN, FAAN’s Offices Relocation: 3 Reasons Northern Elders Are Fighting Tinubu, Insiders Open Up



The federal government’s decision to relocate some departments of the CBN and FAAN from Abuja to Lagos has sparked anger among northern stakeholders



Despite the government citing operational efficiency, northern elders and politicians opposed the move, expressing concerns that more headquarters might be moved out of Abuja in the future


The northern opposition is fueled by fears of a strategic degradation of Abuja, suspicion of a “Lagos cabal” within the Tinubu administration, and concerns about job loss


FCT, Abuja – The federal government’s recent decision to relocate some departments of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) from Abuja to Lagos has angered northern stakeholders.


Though the Nigerian government explained that the move was made based on operational efficiency considerations, some northern elders and politicians spoke strongly against it.


They threatened that President Bola Tinubu would face the political consequences of the decision in the 2027 general elections.


Why north is against Tinubu’s action

Citing multiple sources, Nigerian Tribune, in a report on Sunday, January 28, listed three main reasons why the northern political establishment has taken up arms against the administration of President Tinubu over the planned relocation to Lagos of some offices of the CBN and FAAN.


One of the reasons cited was the fear that the Tinubu administration might move more headquarters out of Abuja if this is not fought vehemently.


According to one of the sources cited anonymously, the North is becoming suspicious that the Tinubu government was only testing the waters with CBN and FAAN and that once that was accomplished, more departments and agencies might be moved.


Alleged move to degrade Abuja as FCT

Another alleged reason is that Northern political elites believe that there is a “Lagos cabal” in the Tinubu government who are unhappy with the relocation of the Federal Capital to Abuja.



They are afraid that President Tinubu would tactically degrade Abuja before the end of his tenure.


Fear of job loss in CBN, FAAN

The third reason cited by the sources borders on the move to protect some key appointments in the CBN and FAAN.

According to the sources, some northern politicians who are against the government action have “candidates they secretly pushed into the CBN” who were largely affected.


One of the sources said some politicians have used the backdoor to get their people employed in strategic departments of the CBN.



However, those people are not adding value to the apex bank as “most of them are only seen patrolling the streets of Abuja even during working hours”, the source added.


The source further stated that many of these affected employees also parade certificates from some of the questionable universities in neighbouring West African countries.


Thus, they may be exposed when the relocation to Lagos is effected.


In the same vein, another source said many junior-level workers were pushed into the service of FAAN after former Minister Hadi Sirika relocated the agency to Abuja.


The appointment was allegedly done in line with federal regulations that allow organisations to employ persons on Levels one to six in the civil service from the immediate community where such organisation operates.



Northern elders are, however, reportedly afraid these employees may become redundant if FAAN is relocated back to Lagos.



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