February 11, 2024
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“Come and Live in UK”: White Man Offers Visa Sponsorship for Nigerians to Work for Charity Abroad


Nigerians passionate about humanitarian activities now have an opportunity to work in the United Kingdom on a sponsored charity visa



This is as a charity organisation, Great Minds Bright Futures, has announced a visa sponsorship for volunteers willing to work in the UK


The founder of the organisation, Dave Armstrong, shed light on how interested people can apply for the 2024 opportunity


Dave Armstrong, the founder of Great Mind Bright Futures organisation, has announced a 12-month charity visa sponsorship for Nigerians and other nationals to live and work in the UK.


In a now-viral TikTok video, the UK man, who started volunteering since he was 12, explained the purpose of the visa sponsorship.


“We are offering you the opportunity to work with us, Great Minds Bright Futures, in the UK for 12 months on a sponsored charity visa,” he said.



According to him, the opportunity is open to people who are passionate about changing their lives and that of people around them and are also interested in the activities of his non-governmental organisation.


How to apply


He directed interested folks to email @greatmindsbrightfutures.co.uk, get an application form and submit it before the end of January 2024.




Dave revealed that formal interviews would be conducted in February and March 2024 and successful applicants should be in the UK by April.


Great Mind Bright Futures is a charity organisation that provides food, health, education and love to Malawian and Ugandan orphans, a statement on its TikTok page reads.







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