February 28, 2024
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Confrontation between Nurses and Patients By Christian Adiabo, CVIST



It’s very obvious that many health workers across the length and breath of Ghana treat patients with disrespect and unfairness.  Most health practitioners in Ghana don’t know how to relate or treat patients with affection and dignity.  There is always a pull and push or give and take between these two people.  Anytime patients visit the health centres for treatment it appears as if they already have unfinished beef with the nurses.
With my visitations to many health facilities,  I have seen inscriptions written on the notice boards in the health centres, that’s both government and private health centres ” make patients your priority “. Anytime I spot that always ask myself one question,  that’s if the health workers are really doing that. Many of the health workers make money a topmost priority and show disrespect attitudes to the patients. Some of them also shift their attention to browsing on their cell phones and watch movies as well. Some of the nurses too this is what they do, once the patient is not someone who is popular or someone who doesn’t have money they ignore them. I get upset when I notice these actions in the health centres.
I’m not saying every health is bad. There are few of them who are good because they have the fear of God in them. Though there is an adage that a single nut spoils the rests. Based on research the statistics shows clearly that out of 100% only 30% of these health workers really put humidity at heart through the fear God,  knowing that one day we shall all account for our deeds.  These 30% nurses make the profession their hallmarks rather than making money their focus.

I remember very well when Prof. Otchere Addai-Mensah was giving a speech at the annual Thanksgiving and staff awards ceremony at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, (KATH) on Friday,  January 20, 2023 ” I urge the staff to treat patients with respect and dignity by making sure that clinics starts work on time”. He further explained ” we must note that patients remain the reason why we are able to put food on our tables,  so we must work to earn salaries that enable us to this”.  This portion of the palatable and profound advice given by the Chief Executive Officer,  Prof. Otchere Addai-Mensah normally draws my attention to the believe that we have some high ranking people in our industries who don’t go to sleep without given at least an advice.

Sometimes it appears as if managements of various institutions or organizations are not performing their core duties,  far from that most of them do but the subordinates turn to do things their own way and later blames goes to managements

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