March 2, 2024
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COVID-19: Invent Hope Initiative Special Message to Nigerians





Invent Hope Initiative applauds our strength, courage and ability in handling this period as though we had prepared for it before now.

It is good to see that we are taking all safety measures seriously, playing our parts as we war against this pandemic.


We encourage everyone to keep up with the precautionary measures laid down by NCDC which includes regular hand washing with soap and running water, the use of facemask and social distancing. Be assured that as we adhere to these rules, the pandemic curve will be flattened in no time.



Be encouraged and do not give in to depression. We must be our brother’s keeper and help as many as we can who can not fend for themselves.



Spread love and show kindness. Never discriminate those who have tested positive. The war shall be over soon.

Stay safe and healthy.

Invent Hope Initiative cares.

IG: Inventhopeinitiativenigeria

FB: Inventhopeinitiativenigeria

Phone number: 08187532036




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