March 3, 2024
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Crisis in Plateau, as suspected gunmen kill 4, burn monarch’s house



Gunmen fatally shot at least four individuals in Dungwel village, located in the Mangu Local Government Area of Plateau State, during an attack on Sunday, December 10, evening.



According to Punch, Shedrack Gambo, a relative of the victims, said that all the victims lost their lives in the assault, with some others sustaining varying degrees of injuries.


Gambo said: “They all died in the attack, and others were also injured in the incident. The community is presently in shock and grieving. Please, pray for us.”


Captain Oya James, the spokesperson for the Military Taskforce, confirmed the incident in Jos on Monday, December 11.



He said:

“I have called the Commander of the FOB and he confirmed the figure and he further explained that when the troops got to the village. It was like the assailants went there for a specific person with the village head as the target.



“According to what the troops were told, the assailants on arrival were asking for the house of the village head. When the people saw what was happening, they started running away.”




He revealed that the assailants set fire to the residence of the village head, where family members were present.



James stated that the head of the village managed to flee, yet the attackers set his residence on fire.



He said if not for the intervention of the soldiers, the wives and children of the village head, who were trapped inside the burning house, might have perished as the troops arrived while the house was still engulfed in flames and thick smoke had filled the surroundings.


The alerted troops successfully rescued the victims, breaking into the house to carry out the rescue operation.





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