March 2, 2024
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Emefiele: Court To Prosecute Ex-President Buhari? Details Emerge in Viral Video



There is a call for ex-President Muhammadu Buhari’s arrest and prosecution following the detainment of suspended CBN governor Godwin Emefiele.



Barrister Kingdom Okere made this call on Friday, July 13, stating that whatever Emefiele might have done to warrant his detainment must have gotten the approval of Buhari.


He stated that there is no decision made by the CBN governor that does not have presidential approval before implementation.


The Department of State Security (DSS) have been urged to arrest ex-President Muhammed Buhari over the ongoing saga involving the suspended governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Godwin Emefiele.


This call was made by Barrister Kingdom Okere during an interview on Arise TV’s breakfast program ‘The Morning Show’ on Friday, July 14.


Okere stated this while reacting to the announcement made by the DSS that they had charged the embattled Emefiele to court.


 The statement reads in part:


The public may recall that the Service had, in 2022, applied for a Court Order to detain him regarding a criminal investigation.”


Why Buhari should be arrested – Okere


Meanwhile, Okere said the DSS would have to arrest ex-President Buhari in court and prosecute him alongside Emefiele.


He said Emefiele’s decision while serving as the CBN governor is being approved by Buhari and that whatever Emefiele might have done, his principal must have been in on it with him.


Okere said: “Whatever Emefiele did as CBN governor had presidential approval. So, if they (DSS) have anything they want to dig that is traceable to him, they should also know that it should be traceable to the former President Muhammadu Buhari, and they should also bring him to book.”



In its statement on Thursday, July 13, the DSS did not reveal the court Emefiele had been charged to nor the allegations he’s been charged with.





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