March 2, 2024
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Engr. Dave Umahi May End Up In the Hands Of Efcc and Go To Jail After 2023



Before Gov. David Umahi became the deputy governor and now the governor of Ebonyi state, he was the Peoples Democratic Party chairman in Ebonyi state.




During the presidential campaign period of Goodluck Jonathan in 2015, it was alleged that a total of 400 million Naira was paid to Umahi’s two brothers (Mr. Augustine Umahi and Mr. Maxwell Umahi) for the campaign purposes. Most probably as the man in-charge of Peoples Democratic Party (P.D.P) in Ebonyi state. His two brothers did not have any problem collecting the 400 million Naira to campaign for Goodluck Jonathan in 2015 and this huge amount of money was made available to them through the director of finance for Peoples Democratic Party; Senator Nenadi Usman. But the sad aspect of it was that these two men Mr. Augustine Umahi and Mr. Maxwell Umahi allegely used all the 400 million Naira for their own private businesses 300 million Naira was used to finance the construction of Osborn La-Palm Hotels in Abakaliki, Uburu and Port Harcourt, while 100 million Naira was transferred to David Umahi Faith Foundation which the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has just discovered. This prompted the arrest of these two men including Chinyere Egwuche and Marbel Dikibo (both are staff of Brass Engineering & Construction Nigeria Limited and Osborn La-Palm Royal Resort).



The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission has already traced how the money went, again there is no way this huge scam was carried out without the consent of Gov. David Umahi because in the past, he has secretly returned some huge amount of money to Economic and Financial Crimes Commission as part of what himself and his brothers looted as alleged.


Now another new discovery which David Umahi and his brothers thought would never come out to the public has been revealed, Viewers Corner News team findings also revealed that Gov. David Umahi and his brothers have used most of the money they allegedly looted from the government and the ones they collected from Peoples Democratic Party of Nigeria (P.D.P) in the past to build their private hotels and other businesses (petrol stations etc) in Ebonyi state and also in Portharcourt. Viewers Corner News team in the past wrote articles after series of research work conducted in Ebonyi state concerning David Umahi and his brothers on how they are using state funds for private uses while the good people of the state are subjected to severe economic hardships by David Umahi and his associates which the Economic and Financial crime Commission are yet to discover but right now David Umahi’s brothers have been arrested and are being questioned for the 400 million Naira scam of 2015 campaign fund which may involve governor David Umahi as time goes on.



We are watching and waiting to see how this whole issue plays out. Honestly our concern here is this, why would Gov. David Umahi and his family members be living very comfortable while the people he is leading are in serious economic difficulties, this is not right in the eyes of God Almighty.




However now that the wind of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is blowing in Ebonyi state, Viewers Corner News team is monitoring the situation to see how it would end, since they have arrested Mr. Augustine Umahi and Mr. Maxwell Umahi including two other individuals; Chinyere Egwuche and Mabel Dikibo who were part of David Umahi’s scam company as alleged, we believe that more information would be known as time goes on. With all these terrible atrocities that has happened and is still happening in Ebonyi state which was created by David Umahi and his brothers, Viewers Corner News team do hope and believe that time for change would soon be here therefore the good people of Ebonyi state would have the opportunity to put an end to this economic hardship that is hitting them by going out to vote come 2023. No more using Ebonyi state money to build villa in Abuja, petrol stations, hotels in Ebonyi state and Port Harcourt and also running other private businesses by Gov. David Umahi.


Comrd Chukwuebuka Onah

Enugu State, Nigeria.




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