February 28, 2024
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Foodlocker is bringing healthy & affordable Fresh Farm Foods to you with the aid of Technology




Our ever-busy lives and the pressure on quality leisure time warrant that we embrace technology as a way of easing stress and getting tasks done promptly. These and more are what Nigeria’s unique agro-commerce platform, Foodlocker brings to your doorstep.


With intentions to stay true to its promise and slogan, “bringing healthy farm foods, timely to you!”, Foodlocker is working around the clock to rejuvenate the growingly fatigued food e-commerce system. 9jafarm aims to bring fresh farm food choices, which have undergone the best and most professional quality checks, at the ease of a click of a button via your mobile phone.



Championing speed, quality, and affordability, the mobile farm produce marketplace is every Nigerian’s dream of comfort, digital support, and advancement as all fresh farm food lovers get their food delivered to their doorstep right out of their phones.


Foodlocker understands that time is essential, moments are valuable, and opportunities for making money, building memories with loved ones, should be grasped without distractions. Hence, the platform’s commitment to taking the burden of any kind off its consumers.



Foodlocker services include:

  • Sales of farm produce at fixed prices on the website such as:

-Meat, Poultry & Seafoods: (Eggs, Fresh/Frozen Meat, Fresh/Frozen Poultry, Fresh/Frozen Seafoods, Frozen Bacon, Sausages & Cold cuts, Smoked Poultry, Meat & Seafoods)
-Fruits, Vegetables & Nuts, Fresh Herbs & Spices, Frozen Fruits, Frozen Vegetables,
-Plantain Roots & Tubers
-Oils, Seasonings, Spice & Condiments
-Grains & Pastas, Packaged /Processed food items





  • Combo Deals: A variety of combinations of farm produce offered at best affordable prices when compared to ordering the items within these packages individually.
  • Meat Sharing
  • Monthly Subscription: monthly grocery subscription plan (3 months, 6 months & 1 year) that allows consumers to subscribe to certain packages at affordable prices. This allows customers access fresh farm produce within the subscription period while hedging against market prices.
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  • Personal Grocery Shopping (Shop for me): This product was designed to enable customers to tailor their orders based on their needs as well as their available funds.
  • Bulk Purchases: Customers (Hotels, restaurants, caterers, etc.) can order farm produce in bulk quantities at discounted prices.


Equally catering to farmers to ease sales of produce, maximize profit and take off the stress of logistics, Foodlocker provides a bridge that closes the gap between the nation’s food baskets and their audience, providing an even broader market for farmers to access online.


Contact info:

Website: www.foodlocker.com.ng

Email: order@foodlocker.com.ng

Call or WhatsApp: +2348146428423, +234 903 178 7037

InstagramTwitter & Facebook


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