February 27, 2024
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How I work: Interview with Simon Chidiebere Sculptor and Artist


TopnewsTv is very delighted to present the interview with the sculptor Iloani Simon Chidiebere from Abagana A town in Njikoka local government area of Anambra ,Nigeria. Iloani Simon Chidiebere discusses with TopnewstvReporter the features of Nigerian sculpting traditions, the challenges the traditional culture faces and shares his dreams and wishes.       



 “Personal Assistant 1”  by Simon Chidiebere

Image courtesy of the artist




Describe your background as an artist and what lead to you creating Arts.

My name is Iloani Simon Chidiebere. I am from Abagana. A town in Njikoka local government area of Anambra State.

My creativeness, like some sicknesses is genetic. My both grand parents and immediate parents are Artists – informal artists. So I grew up to see myself doing art.

I believe its a calling – am called to create art. Therefore, I can’t really say what lead to my creating art but I know how my talent and skills were refined.

I studied fine and applied Arts at federal College of education (technical) Asaba. Delta State.

During and after my formal education, my creative skills was refined and improved at the Akademik studios of Arts, Asaba. Delta State – Owned and managed by Artist Phillips Nzekwe. Where i was put through intense training on wood carving, cement sculpture, bronze casting, Pottery and art conception.

I also attended several workshops and exhibitions which includes but not limited to the Hamarttern workshop of Bruce Onobrakpeya Foundation, in 2012 and  2014



 “family reunion”  by Simon Chidiebere

Image courtesy of the artist



What are the central themes of your works —-

My works and practice has not been around a

particular theme or style or medium but has always been influenced by God’s extreme creativity on nature, the inventiveness, innovativeness, and ingenuity of the scientist around the world. Am also influenced by technology and energy behind technological advancement. I get motivated by the spirit with which people from various professions beat convention. Therefore, my aim has always been to attempt challenging convention in discussing contemporary issues of life with a touch of history as well. So i create animals, objects of science and technology and with any medium to discuss issues of human activities and commitments.



“Personal Assistant 2”  by Simon Chidiebere

Image courtesy of the artist



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Describe your evolution as a visual Artist —-

First, I must say that I was greatly motivated by my mother’s drawings. As a primary school teacher she made so many drawings for her instructional materials. I also saw her make drawings with so much ease on the blackboard for herself and for other teachers. However, my art practice started with creating toys; cars and trucks with objects available to me. But later in life I was introduced to clay by nature, so I tried my hands in creating pots and jugs which to a great extent wasn’t successful but I always see bright lines of success within failures. So from childhood to school, I’ve expressed myself in exploring concepts and issues around human activities with different mediums ; cement, bronze, wood, clay, fiber glass, plaster of Paris, metal, found objects and so on. But then, those are on sculptures and pottery. I’ve also expressed my self with drawings, paintings, graphics, photography and textiles. However, I’ve always have this hunger to move away from convention and do things differently. So from my independence in practice in 2014, I’ve been trying my hands on mesh wire, leather, jeans, electronic panels, and so on. Hence my recent works in jeans. Currently am working on ram, horse, lion, Pottery and so on. And all big and will be finished in jeans and or leather. Moving on, am targeting producing works in strange materials, expensive materials, and weird materials. To beat convention, imaginations, and expectations. As I attempt to make a strong statement in the world of art and the wider world.






 “the senator”  by Simon Chidiebere

Image courtesy of the artist




What would you describe as your best work thus far —

This question cause smile to most visual Artist. Well, just as it is to my friend and brother Ugwu Samuel Nwachukwu (The Art Genius), I can’t really say of any of my works which is best or better than the other. However, there are some of my works am more connected to. It could be a work that interpret my lifestyle or life’ struggle and victory. But that not withstanding, I know my best works are the ones in my spiritual realm, my mind, my jotter, my sketchbooks and some screenshots and downloads from the internet. Do to my unpredictability, I also join my Audience anticipate what’s next from me – what idea, work, and with



 “Osondi – owendi”  by Simon Chidiebere

Image courtesy of the artist



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