February 13, 2024
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How to survive the rising cost of petrol and transport in Nigeria


How to survive the price hike of fuel and transport in Nigeria [dreamafrica]


Transportation costs may soon compete with basic living expenses, such as rent and food.

If you have a car, you will spend more than double what you previously spent to fill your tank. If you use public transportation, you have to add much more to your transportation budget.

As we cannot determine the effect of this or if a strike is imminent, we have prepared a helpful guide on how to minimize its effects.


If you find yourself going to work daily and sharing office space with other car owners who live nearby, you might want to consider pooling resources and fueling a single car instead of each person driving to work.

This can result in decreased traffic congestion and reduced expenses for everyone involved. They can alternate cars and the person driving.

Do you have to take a Korope (7-seater minibus) or a keke (tricycle)? No. Get your running shoes ready and be prepared for a fit fam life of walking. To reduce the transport cost, you can take walks to certain places before you take public transportation.


No more time for recreational outings and driving. Do you drive to the grocery store that’s just 10 minutes away, or maybe you drive around at night to clear your head? There’s no more fuel or money for that anymore.

Is it cheaper to fuel your car or take public transportation? Do the maths and decide for yourself.

When you have paid rent, transportation and food, you might not have extra cash to spare, just stay home and eat the rice you have at home.


If you frequently get invited to weddings, birthdays, and other social events but don’t want to attend, you need to become skilled at coming up with convincing excuses. “I am sorry my emotional support plant died.” “I am praying and fasting and can’t leave the house.” Whatever you can say to stay back home, say it.


Bicycles are excellent, you don’t spend any money to move it from point A to B. It’s also great for your health. If you live in Lagos, be careful where you ride your bicycle to, you don’t want to be hit by reckless drivers.


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